EOSDA announces a partnership with Bulgaria-based Agro Space Technology
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EOS Data Analytics Partners With Agro Space Technology

EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, has partnered with Agro Space Technology, a Bulgaria-based provider of consulting services in the agriculture industry, to help it offer solutions that enable efficient land and crop monitoring in their country.

Shifts in agroclimatic conditions across the Balkan Peninsula, characterized by extreme droughts and frosts, have been impeding the region’s economic growth lately. In particular, Bulgarian agrometeorological observations have been showing signs of soil moisture deficit at the time of the active crop vegetation stage. Consequently, researchers and agribusinesses in Bulgaria have been highly interested in precision farming, farm management software, and remote sensing technologies.

The companies partnered to bring cutting-edge technology to the farmers in Bulgaria and help them to make more informed decisions for their businesses.

Together with Agro Space Technology, we can provide farmers in Bulgaria with advanced satellite imagery solutions that will enable them to optimize their production, reduce costs and increase profits. I believe this partnership will empower the Bulgarian agricultural industry and contribute to its growth and development.

EOSDA will assist Agro Space Technology in integrating EOSDA Crop Monitoring, an online satellite-based precision agriculture platform for field monitoring, into the Bulgarian market.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with EOS Data Analytics. By implementing satellite imagery analytics, we strive to gain the trust of farmers in the use of precision agritech and show them the value they can get from integrating this information into their daily tasks. Our plans include equipping small farmers with the best practices in remote sensing and working with government organizations in select regions, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner and leader in the agritech.

EOSDA and Agro Space Technology partner up to leverage advanced technologies and expertise in Earth observation. The long-term goals are to develop innovative solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Bulgarian agrarians, collaborate on government-related projects, and incorporate language requirements to meet local needs. This partnership will help Agro Space Technology bring power into the hands of farmers. Providing satellite-powered analytics will facilitate shaping strategies aimed at sustainable yield improvements.

About Agro Space Technology

Agro Space Technology is a provider of innovative consulting services in the agriculture industry. The company specializes in offering solutions that enable efficient land and crop monitoring.

Their team includes seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field, leveraging the latest technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet their clients’ unique needs. Agro Space Technology is committed to providing personalized, client-focused services, which makes them a trusted partner in the agricultural industry.

At the core, Agro Space Technology is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and drive success in their agricultural operations. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality services that deliver tangible results and elevating farming practices to the next level.

About the author:

Brijesh Thoppil Strategic Partnerships Lead at EOS Data Analytics

Brijesh Thoppil is the Strategic Partnerships Lead at EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics.

Brijesh joined EOS Data Analytics in April 2021. He is primarily responsible for the management, growth, and development of the company's strategic partnerships, both existing and new.

Brijesh holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University (Chennai). He has over 11 years of experience in various roles, including business development, implementation of technical projects, and management.

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