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EOS Data Analytics wants to make a positive change using geospatial data and custom algorithms.

Our system makes it easy to get the fast and actionable data you need to drive your business and preserve our Planet. We provide effective solutions for Agriculture, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Minerals & Mining among many more applied fields upon custom request.

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monitoring of agricultural fields
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A digital precision agriculture tool to help farmers remotely assess the health of their crops, cut costs on scouting, soil testing, and farm management, and use seeds and fertilizers more efficiently.

observation of the Earth
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Your online GIS-assistant that provides a set of specific geospatial technologies to extract valuable information from big data, applicable to real business tasks


Latest industry news

Agriculture 30.04.2021

Nitrogen Fixation: N-Fixing Plants And Bacteria

Nitrogen fixation through cover crops and bacteria is a beneficial agricultural practice. Proper chlorophyll content monitoring with remote sensing is a successful solution to maintain the optimal balance.

Forestry 23.04.2021

Tree Diseases: How To Identify Them And Protect Forest

Tree diseases threaten forest health and reduce wood merchantability. Satellite monitoring helps detect deviations on time and take proper actions for pathology management.

Remote sensing 01.04.2021

Cloud Mask: What Makes A Difference For Data Accuracy

Cloud masking is important to prepare satellite images for analysis and hide useless data. It helps to reduce the probability of error and obtain more accurate results. The technique benefits many industries and is widely used in farming software.

EOSDA Partner Ecosystem

EOSDA already has trusted and respected partners and is willing to build an even larger cooperation network, improving and sharing capabilities, expanding access to new geospatial data types, and opening new markets, boosting revenue for all.

Many top industry leaders have already entrusted us with presenting their brand on the market, inspiring further expansion of our partnership ecosystem. Through the shared cooperation we can build a well-orchestrated network to deliver real-world solutions based on geospatial data analytics.

satellite making images using multi-band combination
Our partners

Global enterprise partners


Surface analyzed

3.8 B km2


100 K+ users

Successful cases

100+ solutions

Historical data

12+ years

Data processed monthly

3.2 PB

Images processed monthly

500 000 images

Data provided annually

120+ PB

Satellites & Sensors

40+ data sources


What our partners say

Satellite data offers immense potential for mining site analysis and monitoring. By combining Earth observation with on-site sensing, we are striving to improve the industry as a whole, bringing into focus its environmental impact, safety, and profitability. And EOS Data Analytics provides us with technologies and expertise to drive this change, facilitating the implementation of satellite monitoring within the Goldeneye project. I believe this cooperation will open up new and exciting opportunities that will affect the mining industry for the better.


Our EOS Data Analytics team of R & D engineers, Data Scientists, and DevOps engineers is constantly working on turning myriads of code lines into actionable insights to make your businesses thrive. We apply a variety of data transformation methods and models to quickly obtain results from the imagery taken across unlimited area and over long periods of time:


  • tile-based map rendering
  • indices generating
  • detecting changes in one area for different periods of time (deforestation/forest operations, construction, vegetation growth)
  • cloud/shadow masking
  • atmospheric and radiometric correction application
  • NDVI analysis

A stand-alone service to

  • identify field contours
  • calculate seeding/fertilizer rates
  • make soil maps/soil moisture maps
  • monitor weather risks and precipitation
  • create crop profiles
  • predict yields

On request

  • defining objects by training the neural network model using high-resolution data
  • landsat-8 & Sentinel-2 data harmonization
  • developing and applying custom algorithms in imagery processing
  • detecting forest cover change and carbon emissions
  • classification of tree types
  • extracted volume calculation
  • illegal mining tracking
  • mineral mapping & classification
  • monitoring oil & gas exploration


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