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Building harmony between Space and Earth

EOS Data Analytics utilizes cutting edge infrastructure to bring the benefits of space to Earth and to all humanity.

satellite flying around the Earth
about us

Our company focuses on improving satellite capability to tackle vital challenges posed by nature and mankind.

Established in 2015, Earth Observing Systems Data Analytics had the central idea of driving humanity's further development on Earth and helping all of us reach our grandest heights. To do so, we generate data from satellite infrastructures that translate a real-time picture of game-changing scenarios from the surface of the planet. These may include military conflicts, ecological disasters, industrial catastrophes, and, unfortunately, much more.

satellite in the Earth atmosphere
EOSDA serves 22 verticals with the tools to meet these challenges, and its global reach and expertise allow it to provide its clients with bespoke data analytical solutions in fields ranging from oil and gas, alternative energy, transportation, insurance and finance, and others. We aim to make space a key component of life on Earth. That is why we are here. To Construct. To Create. To Establish the Future.
about us

We aim to make space a key component of life on Earth. That is why we are here. To Construct. To Create. To Establish the Future.


We bring space closer to humankind, harnessing the power of satellite technologies to make life smarter with fast and accurate data-driven decisions.


EO imagery provides unparalleled opportunities for business analytics and decision making, while our technology and proprietary algorithms are here to tailor satellite data to business needs.

Life is the constant violator of the planet’s chemical backbone. It’s not the inside where life is happening — it’s on the outside
Our values

Our Ethos


We absorb the best expertise by recruiting the brightest minds to deliver astonishing solutions for our clients.


We implement knowledge through taking action. Action, in turn, requires an understanding of what to do and a passion to perform. We’ve been onboarding STEM talents who are fired-up about science, technology, and the goodwill to foster humanity’s progress, paving the way to new breakthroughs.


Rationality motivates our aims of business processes optimization. At EOSDA, our rationality manifests in in-house intelligence to produce the most efficient moves to lead a win for every single partner.

TaaHS: Technology as a Humankind Service

Proprietary satellite imagery + geospatial data + drilling down to customers’ core business ideas and needs = Success we deliver to create a better future via EOSDA’ GIS analysis.

Commitment to clients

You don't buy clients’ loyalty with discounts. It’s what you earn through blood, sweat, and tears — delivering solutions that will work for their businesses. That’s our blueprint for trust.

Meaningful communication

Constructive dialogue is the seed of a successful story. We utilize scientific developments to facilitate businesses’ needs. And then, we reap the benefits. We talk. We interact. We do our best to understand. And we sow the success of our Partners.

The Art of Science

Science is much more than sophisticated calculations. It also takes a fair share of creativity and inspiration. We serve our clients with the formulas of deriving benefits through harmonizing these components.


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