EOS is a company which provides a unique solution in EO imagery processing and analysis. Automated on-the-fly processing, data agnosticism, ability to use third party data and big amount of self-developed methods grants companies with the incredible competitive advantages

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    Our Values

    1. Professionalism
      We create our products having the best expertise and recruiting the brightest minds to work as a team delivering nothing but perfect solutions for our clients.
    2. Knowledge
      Not only know-hows but also tight cooperation between our employees, tech enthusiasts, professional communities and academia create the synergy to foster the progress of humanity, paving ways to new breakthroughs.
    3. Rationality
      We aim high but do not forget the down-to-earth approach when it comes to things that matter. We work to help our clients be more efficient, make smarter decisions, and keep up-to-date with the latest tech opportunities.
    4. Technology serving humanity
      We use a combination of satellite imagery, geospatial data, customer workflow information, and consumer behavior principles to make the deepest and the most comprehensive GIS analysis.
    5. Commitment to clients
      We value our trust-based relationships with our customers because it encourages employees to go above and beyond to reach the goals.
    6. Meaningful communication
      Having a firm belief in data-driven decisions, we do our best to create meaningful interactions with our employees and customers. The open flow of ideas and discussions leads to the best solutions possible.
    7. Balance
      Our team represents a balanced mix of experienced developers, scientists, and successful entrepreneurs. This combination allows creating, designing and integrating solutions according to customers’ urgent needs and strict requirements.

    Partner Ecosystem

    “Partner ecosystem” is EOS’ term for the growing symbiotic relationship between EOS and other companies, which has burgeoned in tandem with the EOS knowledge base.
    The partner ecosystem falls into two broad categories. The first partner category includes companies whose products expand and improve EOS’ capabilities (e.g., expanding access to new earth observation data types) while simultaneously opening up new markets for their products and, frequently, increased revenue. The second partner category grows out of EOS’ customer base wherein the value-added benefits of EOS’ business products boosts revenue for both companies.


    1906 El Camino Real, Suite 201,
    Menlo Park, CA 94027

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