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EOSDA Careers

Side with Us for Big Changes

Join the team of like-minded professionals to cause and carry-out long-needed transformations using data-driven approaches.

EOSDA community

EOSDA Benefits

We deeply appreciate the input of each and every of our teammates and are committed to giving our best in return.

Corporate Culture

EOSDA company focuses on employing not only exceptional specialists but also great team-players that contribute to the spirit of growth and fellowship. To foster this spirit, we provide corporate library and mentorship programs.

Making a Difference

We invite eager specialists to work for a globally renowned brand with the core values of leadership, development, and harmony where professionals can see their impact daily.

Fair Reward

In order to make sure our professionals solely focus on what truly matters to them, we offer a comfortable, deserved and competitive financial reward. We constantly reassess salaries to celebrate progress and achievements.

Social Guarantees

We provide our employees with social guarantees such as health insurance, sickness leaves, parental benefits, and more. Also, our specialists enjoy working from home whenever needed.

Growth Opportunities

EOSA employees from all departments regularly attend conferences, receive systematic training and take multiple courses to boost their skills.

Leisure & Recreation

We acknowledge the importance of leisure and recreational activities and offer our team members compensation for language courses and sports sections.

our products

EOSDA Products

Empowering farmers with innovative tools
EOSDA Crop Monitoring logo

Empowering farmers with innovative tools to monitor the state of crops and make fast and reliable decisions for on-field treatment.

forest monitoring software
EOSDA Forest Monitoring logo

A leading-edge software to make forestry sustainable with data-driven decisions

observe earth data type and apply on-the-fly imagery analytics
EOSDA LandViewer logo

Enabling non-expert users to analyze geographic areas of interest, observe earth data type and apply on-the-fly imagery analytics.

innovative GIS mapping software
aspectum logo

Giving companies access to location business intelligence and geospatial visualization through innovative GIS mapping software.

hight resolution logo

Providing higher spatial resolution for most accurate data for land use change detection, precision farming, emergency response, social research, etc.

Our Teams



helps prospects find the right tool for their needs


makes sure clients see the true value of EOSDA products


dreams big to bring our products closer towards perfection


makes sure those dreams come true in our solutions


gains and analyzes knowledge to use in EOSDA products


answers every single question and resolves any imaginable doubt


works on making our products user-friendly and easy on the eye

customer success

makes our clients progress their top priority

find your job

Find EOSDA Jobs

If you are willing to step up to the central challenges of the modern days, we’d love to hear from you. Find the opportunity that matches your profile and apply.