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EOSDA Crop Monitoring solutions for developers

Years of experience and tons of technical expertise have made EOS Data Analytics one of the best providers of geospatial data and analytics out there. We specialize in creating products and custom solutions in Agriculture, Forestry, among other 20 industries.

For IT developers, we offer fast and easy API access to raw, processed, and analysis-ready satellite data from multiple sources, unparalleled White Label opportunities, and custom enterprise solutions tailored to specific real-world challenges in Agriculture. Our priority is to grow your business and ensure that you can meet fast-changing Agro market demands.

satellite monitoring solutions for developers in agri field
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Satellite Monitoring Solutions for IT Market

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EOS Data Analytics develops products and solutions for the IT industry that allow for searching, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data retrieved from satellite imagery to help businesses all around the globe grow and be able to meet ever-changing Agro market demands. With our fast and easy API, White Label options, and custom solutions you can add value to the existing products as well save time and reduce costs on developing new ones.


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