Listen to the pulse of your fields with EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Online Agro Platform that helps farmers monitor their crops easily, without using specific facility, relying on the latest satellite imagery, and keep all the data in one place, saving time and reducing costs

Discover multiple benefits offered along with the product by EOSDA Crop Monitoring

  • Cost-efficient entry into the smart farming trend
  • Effective decision-making with satellite data
  • Increasing profits from your fields
  • Reduction of scouting costs
  • Advanced problem-spotting within your fields
  • Precise weather predictions
  • Determine which are you most productive fields
  • 24/7 access to your fields from anywhere at any time

Smart solutions: boosting yields with satellite monitoring

Smart solutions: boosting yields with satellite monitoring
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Satellite monitoring
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Weather analytics
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Field Leaderboard
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Satellite Monitoring

Satellite monitoring allows you to manage your fields online, from the comfort of your office or home, get notified about any changes in the state of crops via e-mail and react in a timely manner. Among other features, it offers:

  • Vegetation Indices (NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI, ReCl)
  • Zoning (differential fertilizer, drip irrigation)
  • Historical Weather, 14-day Forecast, Weather risk alerts
  • Customizable Field leaderboard
  • Growth Stages & Crop Rotation data
  • Scouting

Thanks to all this data combined in one screen, farmers will not only save money and resources on field management but increase yields and revenue as a result.

satellite monitoring
Weather data
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Weather Data

Weather data allows you to define weather patterns for the specific fields, alongside with VI, growth stages, and accumulated precipitation; to detect its impact on the health of your crops; as well as to make reliable predictions for informed timely actions.

  • Daily updated weather (temperatures, precipitation, wind, clouds, humidity)
  • Historical 5-year weather archive
  • Reliable 14-day forecast
  • Critical weather risks analysis
  • Soil moisture mapping

Equipped with the historical, current, and forecasted weather data, farmers can prevent the loss of harvest and revenue due to weather stresses, as well as maintain the optimal precipitation and soil moisture rates, thus ensuring better yields.

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Field Leaderboard

The system notifies users about the latest most critical negative NDVI changes (new image + index value). Leaderboard allows users to sort their fields by nine different criteria. Finally, users are able to download the leaderboard as spreadsheet in .xls and .pdf formats.

  • “New images of your fields have been added” notifications
  • Abnormal NDVI changes (negative changes at the top)
  • Advanced field sorting options (9 criteria)
  • Downloadable leaderboard spreadsheet (pdf/xls)

Thanks to the automatic detection of the latest most negative NDVI changes, you won’t have to waste attention on the less important errands, thus keeping your crops healthy and increasing yield.

Notification Manager
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Zoning provides a farmer with an accurate outlook on the field’s precise needs, based on the field performance according to the NDVI values in different zones of the field. It helps to apply fertilizer and irrigation in a smart way, thus allowing for a more efficient field treatment.

  • Productivity zone mapping (NDVI-based)
  • Differential fertilizer application and drip irrigation
  • Optimal seedlings distribution assessment
  • Recommendations on N-fertilizer distribution

The result is the proper field treatment ensuring the most possibly efficient use of resources and budget, along with the considerable increase in total crop yield and revenue.

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Scouting allows farmers, traders, and insurers to assess problem areas with maximum precision and minimal time loss by creating scouting tasks, sharing, and monitoring their performance both online and offline.

  • Automatic problem area detection
  • Efficient scouting tasks management
  • Downloadable reports
  • GPS-based precision
  • Offline/online modes

Scouts assigned to perform the tasks and customers alike benefit from semi-automated crop scouting, synchronizing efforts, saving tons of time, reducing costs, and boosting crops in the long run.