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Satellite-Based Analytics In Agricultural Insurance

Case study: satellite-based analytics can help reinsurers to process their cedents’ reports on crop damage insurance claims faster, yet with higher precision.


EOS Data Analytics Partners With Agrinova Group

EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of satellite imagery analytics, partners with Agrinova Group, an agricultural consultancy company, to boost satellite monitoring technologies in the Central and Eastern European countries.


Vegetation Indices To Drive Digital Agri Solutions

Integration of vegetation indices into digital solutions for agriculture unlock multiple opportunities for software providers, especially when satellite analytics custom solutions can be tailored to specific customer needs.


EOSDA In The Light Of Earth Observation Market Trends

The Earth Observation market is rapidly growing. We discussed significant market trends with Rim Elijah, VP of Sales at EOSDA. In the interview, Rim shared her view on the EO market dynamics, EOSDA achievements, and future strategic plans.


Natural Disasters 2021 On Satellite Imagery

In 2021, there have been many natural disasters, most of them due to climate change. In the future, the situation will worsen unless we change production methods and improve the global environmental management system.


Webinar On Agritech In South America: Key Takeaways

On December 07, EOSDA and Agronómico co-hosted a webinar on Agritech & Farm Advisory in South America for smart decision making. The speakers covered satellite analytics as a support tool to solve farming problems and shared successful use cases.


It’s Time For Agritech: Benefits, Values, Prospects

On November 11, EOS Data Analytics and Agroxchange Technology hosted an internal workshop for partners across the globe and delivered insights on the satellite-based agritech solutions beneficial for smallholding farmers and large-scale companies.


Crop Diseases: Types, Control, And Prevention

Effective crop disease management helps protect crops from damage and agricultural businesses from economic losses. Find out the main types of crop diseases, how they occur, and preventive methods.


EOS Data Analytics Partners With Epik Systems

EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite analytics, partners up with Epik Systems, a developer of SocratesAg, a mobile-centric Farm and Carbon Management Platform that help small farmers with carbon management.



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