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Remote sensing

Free Satellite Imagery Sources: Zoom In Our Planet

Have a closer look at Earth with historical and recent free satellite images. Get familiar with the most popular platforms. Learn navigation tips, terms of download and use, analytical features.


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Palm Oil Deforestation: Adverse Effects & Ways to Stop

Palm oil is an in-demand commodity, but its production and deforestation closely relate. Consumer goods manufacturers adopt satellite technologies and monitor their supply chains to fulfil their no-deforestation commitments.


Soil Aeration Importance & Implementation Tips

Soil aeration is important for proper root growth. Different methods of soil aeration promote oxygen supply to the root zone, thus increasing crop productivity. Monitoring fields helps understand aeration necessity and prevent yield losses.


Strip Cropping Fields In Agriculture: Why & How To Use

Strip cropping agriculture helps in soil conservation and brings additional benefits to farmers. The approach is more feasible to implement with satellite-based ag tools.


Nitrogen Fixation: N-Fixing Plants And Bacteria

Nitrogen fixation through cover crops and bacteria is a beneficial agricultural practice. Proper chlorophyll content monitoring with remote sensing is a successful solution to maintain the optimal balance.


Tree Diseases: How To Identify Them And Protect Forest

Tree diseases threaten forest health and reduce wood merchantability. Satellite monitoring helps detect deviations on time and take proper actions for pathology management.

Remote sensing

Cloud Mask: What Makes A Difference For Data Accuracy

Cloud masking is important to prepare satellite images for analysis and hide useless data. It helps to reduce the probability of error and obtain more accurate results. The technique benefits many industries and is widely used in farming software.


Fertigation: All-The-Rage Agricultural Technology

Fertigation is an efficient agricultural technology merging fertilization with irrigation. Manage your fields more precise with site-specific, variable rate fertilizer applications.

Crop Monitoring

Satellite Monitoring In Action: As Farmers See It

An interview with a farmer from Argentina about the company’s experience of satellite technology implementation. Main reasons and benefits of switching to precision agriculture techniques.


The Year Of 2020 In Satellite Highlights

Satellite imagery provides accurate information on environmental disasters. Use cases of natural calamities spatial monitoring in 2020 promote weighted decisions in ecological tragedy response.



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