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Free Satellite Imagery Sources: Zoom In Our Planet

Have a closer look at Earth with historical and recent free satellite images. Get familiar with the most popular platforms. Learn navigation tips, terms of download and use, analytical features.


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EOSDA To Launch New Software: EOS Forest Monitoring

EOS Data Analytics launches a platform for satellite monitoring of forest stands to provide stakeholders with sustainable forest management tools. Software will help track deforestation and detect fire hazards, save resources and preserve the environment.


Wildfire Prevention: How To Prevent Forest Fires

Forest fires cause whopping losses globally every year and often start due to human-related ignition. Therefore, caution and wildfire prevention measures are important. Satellite monitoring helps notice and address the problem on time.


Webinar On Smart Farming Tech In Africa: Key Takeaways

Learn the key takeaways from the webinar on precision agriculture improving livelihoods and increasing yields in Africa, hosted jointly by EOS Data Analytics and Agroxchange Technology.


Cloud-Free NDVI In Agriculture: When It Is Needed & Why

Clouds are often obstacles for optical NDVI, which negatively affect image quality and data analytics. Cloud-free NDVI helps resolve the problem as it uses radar-based imagery. This way it is possible to get accurate data even with cloud cover.


A Free Webinar: Smart Farming Technologies In Africa

EOS Data Analytics and AgroXchange host a free webinar to discuss how to accelerate the socio-economic well-being of smallholder farmers in Africa through precision farming technologies implementation.


Terrace Farming Purpose, Benefits, And Common Types

Terrace farming is the most sustainable practice for wavy and sloped fields. Its implementation allows farmers to prevent or reduce soil erosion and contributes to soil conservation.


Palm Oil Deforestation: Adverse Effects & Ways to Stop

Palm oil is an in-demand commodity, but its production and deforestation closely relate. Consumer goods manufacturers adopt satellite technologies and monitor their supply chains to fulfil their no-deforestation commitments.


Soil Aeration Importance & Implementation Tips

Soil aeration is important for proper root growth. Different methods of soil aeration promote oxygen supply to the root zone, thus increasing crop productivity. Monitoring fields helps understand aeration necessity and prevent yield losses.


Strip Cropping Fields In Agriculture: Why & How To Use

Strip cropping agriculture helps in soil conservation and brings additional benefits to farmers. The approach is more feasible to implement with satellite-based ag tools.



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