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EOSDA Technologies Help Meet Modern Forestry Challenges

Forico - Tasmania’s leading forestry management company - upholding its standards of quality and meeting new market challenges by implementing innovative satellite-driven EOSDA solutions.


Clear-Cutting Pros & Cons And Its Effects On Forests

Clear-cutting has advantages and disadvantages with disputable consequences. However, when managed responsibly, it can be justified as a forest regeneration method.


EOSDA To Launch New Software: EOS Forest Monitoring

EOS Data Analytics launches a platform for satellite monitoring of forest stands to provide stakeholders with sustainable forest management tools. Software will help track deforestation and detect fire hazards, save resources and preserve the environment.


Wildfire Prevention: How To Prevent Forest Fires

Forest fires cause whopping losses globally every year and often start due to human-related ignition. Therefore, caution and wildfire prevention measures are important. Satellite monitoring helps notice and address the problem on time.


Palm Oil Deforestation: Adverse Effects & Ways to Stop

Palm oil is an in-demand commodity, but its production and deforestation closely relate. Consumer goods manufacturers adopt satellite technologies and monitor their supply chains to fulfil their no-deforestation commitments.


Tree Diseases: How To Identify Them And Protect Forest

Tree diseases threaten forest health and reduce wood merchantability. Satellite monitoring helps detect deviations on time and take proper actions for pathology management.


Reforestation: A New Breath For People And Earth

Reforestation is an important practice to restore wood resources and improve the ecological situation. Remote sensing can simplify foresters’ efforts in reforestation management and assessing young forest health.


Deforestation & Forest Fires In Brazilian Amazon

Protecting forests from deforestation and forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon is essential if we want to maintain the environment and not contribute to increasing climate change. Learn how remote sensing technologies can help.