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Media 22.03.2021

The Year Of 2020 In Satellite Highlights

Satellite imagery provides accurate information on environmental disasters. Use cases of natural calamities spatial monitoring in 2020 promote weighted decisions in ecological tragedy response.

Remote sensing 06.03.2021

GIS Mapping, Types Of Interactive Maps & Applications

GIS mapping is a widely used technology for geospatial data analysis and visualization. Take a closer look at the modern practice of interactive mapping for better decision-making.

Remote sensing 29.01.2021

Spatial Analysis: Data Processing And Use Cases

Basic steps for geospatial analysis implementation and the scope of its applications. Benefits for situation awareness, tracing changes and prognosis.

Media 09.10.2020

World Space Week: Satellites Improve Life

World Space Week 2020 aims to hightlight the benefits satellite technology brings to humanity: improving our everyday lives via enormous contribution to various fields and industries.

LandViewer 18.09.2019

Cover Immense Areas With Our New Mosaic Feature

Monitoring of extended territories that are located near or on the edges of scenes is difficult. A new Mosaic tool on LandViewer helps to overcome most of the challenges a user faces.

LandViewer 16.09.2019

Change Detection With Satellite Time-Series Data

For all players of the modern agricultural market (regardless of whether they are farmers, ag traders or insurers) not only is the assessment of land productivity genuinely urgent, but so is constant monitoring of its efficient use.

LandViewer 13.09.2019

Landsat 8 Bands: Combinations For Satellite Images

Landsat 8 is an Earth observation satellite built, launched and operated by a collaboration of NASA and USGS. Data survey is performed by two main sensors which are adjusted into prescribed bands.

Reselling 14.08.2019

High-Resolution Images Are Close As Never Before

High-resolution imagery from a trusted provider has always been of a great demand due to the highest detail and accuracy it offers as well as an unlimited scope of the fields it could be applied.

LandViewer 27.06.2019

Change Detection: Making Vegetation Analysis Precision

Change Detection is designed to compare the spatial representation of two points in time and measure changes caused by differences in the variables of interest.