Empowering agricultural businesses with remote farm monitoring

EOSDA Crop Monitoring is an advanced satellite-powered precision farming platform for food producers, insurance companies, input suppliers, and other agricultural players. Effortlessly access data on crop health, weather conditions, crop rotation, field activities, elevation, soil moisture, and more — all seamlessly embedded into a user-friendly interface.

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Farm monitoring system powered by satellite technology

What makes EOSDA Crop Monitoring unique?

Sustainable Vision

EOS Data Analytics leverages its technological expertise to generate actionable insights through satellite data, empowering collective efforts to create a better world. Our comprehensive range of products and custom solutions is developed by our dedicated scientific team, aligning closely with 10 of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals. Together, we strive to build a sustainable future and make a positive impact on the planet.

In-house Experts

With our own team of 25 PhD professors and 60 scientists, we get to understand the issues and requirements of our clients on a deep level, empathizing with their struggles, and tailoring our approach to each one uniquely. Our experts provide personalized solutions while adhering to long-term customer objectives.

Beyond Raw Data

Our company goes beyond being a data delivery service. We don’t just collect and upload satellite imagery — we provide valuable easy-to-read analytics.

Propriatory Satellite Constellation

EOS SAT is the first ever satellite constellation designed specifically for agricultural monitoring by a company that utilizes remote sensing technologies. It will allow us to cover up to 100% of farmland and forest areas in leading agricultural countries.

Online Access To Farm Insights

Utilize satellite imagery analytics for farm tracking: monitor crop condition, identify problem areas, track vegetation, view soil moisture levels, and predict crop yields from anywhere in the world.

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Explore EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Overview EOSDA Crop Monitoring is a comprehensive web-based agriculture monitoring system by EOS Data Analytics — a worldwide supplier of AI-driven satellite imagery analytics. It functions as a unified solution, incorporating an array of data types including crop health, weather conditions, crop rotation, farm operations, elevation, soil moisture, and more to provide a single, convenient access point to all necessary information.


Split view of a field on EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Increased Agricultural Productivity

Tap into the potential of satellite technology with EOSDA Crop Monitoring as you effectively perform multi-field management, optimize resources allocation, and make sound decisions. We tailor our solutions to the needs of a diverse range of users including farmers, agricultural cooperatives, agribusiness firms, input suppliers, banks, insurance companies, and beyond.

Split view of a field with high NDVI risk

Early Detection of Major Crop Risks

Timely detect any threats to your crops thanks to:
- Accurate 14-day weather predictions on a 90x90 meter grid;
- Identification of crop stress following severe weather events;
- Soil moisture monitoring;
- Notifications on crop’ state changes
- Vegetation indices for assessment of harm caused by pests and diseases.

VRA prescription map and savings calculator

Reduced Input Costs

Use Variable Rate Application (VRA) maps to reduce waste and cut expenses on fertilizers, water, plant protection products, seeds, and fuel.

Field activity log

Complex Farm Monitoring

Seamlessly plan and track all your agricultural activities across different crops in our field activity log. Keep everything in order, follow advancements, and receive notifications if there are any deviations from your pre-approved plans.

Weekly report and Index risk panel

Performance Tracking

Effectively address changes in your field work progress with our timely notifications for any potential problems. Handle the issues before they can intervene with your smooth workflow.

Reports and dashboards in farm crop software

Effortless Data Interpretation

We gather and analyze complex data from diverse sources to transform it into clear and comprehensible insights for you. Our crop monitoring software highlights key dependencies, enabling you to make swift and precise farming decisions. We combine raw data from water providers, weather stations, and field equipment to illustrate trends and enable comparison across multiple data sets.

Yield Prediction and other EOSDA custom solutions

Custom Solutions

Our portfolio of custom solutions includes yield prediction, remote harvest dynamics monitoring, crop type classification, field boundaries detection, and advanced soil moisture analytics. Our science team commits to the unique needs of every customer to make sure these cutting-edge features meet their specific requirements and help boost their productivity and profitability.

White Label customization options

API Access to Satellite Data

Gain access to the up-to-date satellite imagery, historical data dating back to 2015, weather forecasts, and other area-tied insights via our API. Deliver your customers a turnkey solution that embodies your brand while taking advantage of our innovative technology. Our Partner program focuses on forging a worldwide network of resellers, supporting and developing businesses globally, while creating enduring relationships that benefit all parties involved.

A graph showing the amount of soil organic carbon in a field

Carbon Footprint Minimization

EOSDA Crop Monitoring plays a crucial role in tackling carbon-related concerns by helping evaluate the potential for carbon sequestration, refine land management practices, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. It assists in directing land use strategies towards carbon mitigation initiatives and offers reliable insights for carbon auditing and reporting.

Team Management dashboard

Team Management

Our Team management feature enables sharing access to particular data with the team members based on their roles.

What Our Clients Say

Who can benefit from EOSDA Crop Monitoring?

  • Farm
  • Agroholding
  • Agro cooperative
  • Consulting Service
  • IT Company
  • Agricultural input distributor
  • Insurance
  • Agro equipment providers
  • Financial services

Pain points:

  • Yield loss
  • Spending too much on fertilizers
  • Lack of time on crop monitoring and yield prediction

Product value:

  • Vegetation indices for crop health monitoring
  • Automated notifications
  • VRA maps
  • Historical weather for yield prediction
  • Field activity log for smart fieldwork management

Pain points:

  • Yield loss
  • Spending too much on fertilizers
  • Employees management
  • Control of fuel consumption

Product value:

  • Monitoring of vast farm areas every 3-5 days
  • Team accounts with unlimited number of users
  • Inputs distribution management
  • Scouting mobile app with check-in feature

Pain points:

  • The need for different software to manage and monitor all coop fields
  • Expensive and complicated process of developing a product from scratch
  • The need to help farmers minimize inputs costs
  • Lack of information on fields

Product value:

  • One solution for all members
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fields rating based on changes in vegetation indices
  • Ability to add an internal team of agricultural consultants to the account

Pain points:

  • Lack of information for analysis
  • Time-consuming scouting
  • Lack of remote access to customer fields

Product value:

  • Historical data
  • Team accounts
  • Field leaderboard for managing multiple clients' fields
  • Remote crop monitoring across clients fields
  • Risk notifications
  • Scouting mobile app
  • Satellite and machinery data on one platform
  • Vegetation maps for estimating nitrogen deficiency

Pain points:

  • Lack of features for end-users
  • Expensive and complicated process of developing a product from scratch
  • Lack of data and opportunities to enter new markets

Product value:

  • Additional features integrated via API
  • Added value to your product
  • White label solution under your brand
  • High-quality farm insights

Pain points:

  • Misuse of fertilizers by farmers
  • Need to monitor demonstration fields
  • Need to show the effect of fertilizer application
  • Time-consuming testing of different products
  • Lack of information to compare the effect of the different products
  • Lack of transparency in relationship with customers

Product value:

  • Different vegetation indices data
  • Split view feature for change detection
  • Historical data
  • Crop classification
  • Facilitation of the quality control process
  • Increased sales thanks to valuable farming insights
  • Vegetation and productivity maps for efficient inputs application

Pain points:

  • Fraud risks
  • Lack of information for risk assessment
  • Time-consuming scouting
  • Lack of background data needed to access customer’s risk profile
  • Losses assessment
  • Lack of reliable data for index-based insurance

Product value:

  • Pre-insurance farm monitoring and assessment
  • Historical weather data for related threats detection
  • Increased accuracy and transparency of insurance payouts
  • Notifications for risks mitigation
  • Different vegetation indices data
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Scouting mobile app

Pain points:

  • Low customer loyalty
  • Justification of product’s price and value
  • Scalability in data collection

Product value:

  • Ready-to-use platform as an additional service
  • Visualization of data from agro machinery
  • API for the integration of additional features
  • Zoning feature as an additional service for equipment buyers

Pain points:

  • Risk of loan default
  • Risks associated with fraud
  • Insufficient data for credibility evaluation
  • Time-consuming scouting
  • Lack of reports and historical data
  • Lack of transparency with the customers

Product value:

  • Credit risk mitigation
  • Harvest monitoring
  • Satellite crop monitoring
  • Data for ROI assessment
  • Field zones’ productivity data for smart decisions on buying or renting plots

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