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Keep ahead of the game with digital farm management

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Yields
Accumulated precipitation - 728 mm
NDMI - 0.2
NDVI - 0.82
Daily temperature - 19 C
agricultural fields under the clouds

Easy-to-use satellite field monitoring

Profitable VRA farming approach

Reliable weather forecast & historical data


Tailored solutions to suit everyone

Save budget using effective VRA tool

Save time on tracking all the field activities with efficient Field activity log tool

Keep an eye on your fields regularly with satellite monitoring and crop rotation data

Save time and money by sending scouts directly to problem areas

Enhance future farm activities planning with a 14-day weather forecast for your field

Track the vegetation values change using satellite data to decide on the index-based insurance

Detect the climate patterns and risks for the area with advanced historical weather

Settle the damage assessment claims quickly and qualitatively using satellite data

Make better informed decisions thanks to soil moisture monitoring for individual fields at a resolution of 250 x 250m

Maintain a convenient and transparent management of fields and crops in one place by reinsurers and clients alike

Maximize efficiency of advising with satellite and meteo data

Have all your customers and their fields on one convenient platform

Stay aware about risks via flexible notification system

Reduce costs on scouting with a useful mobile application

Identify the most productive fields with our field leaderboard feature

Increase sales with reliable actionable insights from the customer's field data

Create customer loyalty by providing them with a transparent data source

Stay updated on any malfunctions, weather risks, and deviations in biomass using a convenient notification system

Develop a fertilization strategy thanks to hyper-personolized recommendations based on field-level actionable data.

Monitor and manage everything in one place: customer's fields, weather data, technological operations, and more.


ROI up to $43 / acre for 87% of Crop Monitoring farmers, according to our stats

ROI up to


/ acre

ROI up to


/ acre

ROI up to


/ acre

ROI up to


/ acre

happy farmer on his field
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Special Business Solutions on Request

White Label

  • Reliable Partnership
  • Product Modifications upon Request
  • Branding & Customization
  • Fast Product Launch
  • Technical Maintenance and Help
  • Custom Product Enhancement


  • Enhanced Data Set
  • Full Access to Data
  • Properly Documented
  • Fast & Easy Integration
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Quality Technical Support

Custom Solutions

  • Yield Forecasting
  • Agricultural Classification
  • Field boundaries identification
  • Harvest Monitoring
  • Index Detection
  • Fast & Correct Delivery

6 500 farmers are already benefiting from our product. We cover 4 000 000 ha of fields around the world, an equivalent of Switzerland!

planet Earth from the space Switzerland city view card

EOS has gathered top relevant agribusiness info for farmers

agricultural cooperative's fields

Agricultural cooperatives

Wish to find out more about agricultural cooperatives? The EOS team has compiled a list of detailed reviews of the top agricultural cooperatives in the USA and Brazil.

two farmers monitor the state of a crop

Crops Management

Wish to find out more about in-depth crop management to increase yield and profit? EOS has created a section containing several articles each being a detailed guide on how to effectively grow one of the twelve most widely produced crops.

young plants growing

Seed Suppliers list

Want to find out more about seed suppliers in the USA and Brazil? The EOS team has created a database of seed suppliers in the specified countries.


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