Weather data

Historical weather for up to 5 years past and a reliable 14-day forecast
Get access to the statistics of daily and accumulated temperatures and precipitation rates for any of your fields.
Use the Forecast feature to plan your field activities for two weeks ahead
Weather data
Weather data

Daily weather

Stay in the know about the current weather conditions over any of your fields, within a 9 by 9 km area. Extrapolate a 14-day weather forecast.
daily weather on Crop Monitoring

Access to historical weather for up to 5 years past

Increase the productivity of your fields by accessing historical weather data. Learn all about the average temperatures and precipitation rates throughout any of the past 5 seasons.
Access to historical weather for up to 5 years past
Weather data

Weather risk assessment

Keep your crops safe by mitigating the weather risks. Prevent harvest loss by letting the system warn you about the potential critical events:
  • Cold stress
  • Heat stress

Soil moisture

Follow the soil moisture curve on the chart for every field, to keep your crops from waterlogging and droughts, thus preventing harvest loss.
soil moiustere on Crop Monitoring
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Weather alerts

Get notified about upcoming critical weather conditions (cold stress, heat stress, waterlogging) and prevent harvest loss

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