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satellite data use in various industries

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Field contours mapping, vegetation health assessment, crop yield prediction, seed & fertilizer prescription, flooding & drought detection.

Manage croplands, detect change in vegetation, boost yields, cut costs and make the most of each acre.


Land use detection, wildfires damage assessment/losses prevention, deforestation area calculation, tree harvesting monitoring, boundaries mapping, planting progress detection.

Be aware of forest cover changes to keep the environment safe and sustainable.


Monitoring of the on-going operations and construction, land elevation change detection, potential mineral exploration sights identification.
Detect water objects, vegetation and construction change to make better-informed decisions. Manage operation, explore opportunities, keep the environment safe.

Oil & Gas

Monitoring of well pads on various stages of development, oil spills detection, gas emission assessment.

Manage risks, monitor assets during pre-production, drilling, fracking, production, post-production, identify natural seepage and man-made pollution.


Assessment of plankton concentration, detection of fish schools locations, measurements of ocean temperatures, waterbed relief mapping, aquaculture farm monitoring, weather reports and forecasts, identification of vessels in distress.

Inspect and manage your fish farms, set off your fishing vessels to the most prolific destinations, check meteorological conditions, be aware of extremities, manage risks.

Alternative energy

Quantitative panel or turbine calculations, productivity estimation, solar and wind power forecasting, plant location recommendations.

Assess and optimize your solar or wind plant performance, measure the area of operation, choose the most suitable location for a new enterprise, minimize equipment failures due to extreme weather, contribute to environmental sustainability.

Utilities (water, electricity, waste)

Supply lines monitoring, deployment mapping, resources quality and availability assessment.

Check utility network operations, ensure timely maintenance, prevent equipment failures, mitigate disaster consequences, comply with consumption standards.


Construction site monitoring, soil testing, supply chain tracking, communications inspection.

Assess project execution efficiency, minimize deviations, optimize expenses, successfully allocate investments.


Vehicle tracking, GPS-navigation, road inspection and mapping, hazard alerts.

Monitor your vehicle park on-the-go, calculate ETA, address schedule deviations, choose the fastest and safest routes, deploy efficient supply chains.


Vessel tracking, port operations monitoring, GPS-navigation, fairway detection and mapping, pollution identification, weather forecasting, glacier observations, emergency signal acquisition.

Check vessel’s location, make optimal routes, inspect cargo handling, get weather forecasts and eradicate risks, support crew in distress, address nature pollution.


Network deployment identification, data and signal mapping, node monitoring.

Control signal transmission, detect failures, improve service quality, boost customer success.

Insurance & finance

Natural extremities prediction and danger assessment, damage identification, loss estimation.

Predict insurance cases, efficiently allocate assets, minimize financial risks.

Real-estate management

Residential area monitoring, real estate market analysis, buildings and landscape mapping.

Have your property surveyed, identify trends in real estate marketing, make your investments work.

Retail & geo-marketing

Trade chain deployment identification, supply and delivery tracking, population density analysis, merchant size calculation, POI mapping.

Find the best place for your shop, study customer demand, ensure supplies, boost your sales, leave your competitor merchants behind.

News & media

Event monitoring, change detection, natural calamities reporting, extremities forecasting.

Be in the know and inform your audience before your rivals do with on-the-fly analytics.

Travel, tourism, and leisure

Resort assessment, beach and leisure area estimation, infrastructure evaluation, mapping and route making, weather analytics.

Choose your best vacation destination, check recreation conditions, escape weather extremities, ensure your tourists’ safety.

Local & regional planners

Urban area monitoring, new facilities and change recognition, site mapping, territory size calculations, utility and communication network observations, ground movement detection.

Estimate urbanization level, expand infrastructure, provide higher standards of life, boost resident welfare.

Emergency services

Accident and distress zone mapping, damage identification and monitoring, risk analytics.

Get alerts about threats, start advance evacuations, plan rescue and reconstruction operations, save people’s lives, give aid on time.

Education, training and research

Spatial data acquisition and refinement, multispectral imagery processing, spatial data analytics.

Move your research to a dramatically new level with EOSDA APIs.

Security, defence, and military

Object and territory surveillance, border monitoring, intrusion detection, law breach recording and reporting.

Prevent illegal border crossing, detect violations, ensure law enforcement, address local conflicts, enhance police and force facilities with satellite data.

Environment, pollution, and climate

Establishment of historical weather patterns, identification of climate shifts, detection of oil spills, estimation of GHG emissions.

Find out the environmental status of the questioned region, address nature pollution, promote health and sustainability.

Humanitarian operations and health

Disaster reporting, emergency monitoring, evacuation route mapping, damage assessment, health institution identification, population density calculation, epidemic expansion prognosis.

Identify distress zones and allocate aid to affected people. Analyze the efficiency and sufficiency of healthcare services and food supply in the region.


Radar scanning and ground penetration, site identification, relics detection, ancient settlement mapping, 3D modeling and data visualization.

Speed up your archeological investigations with credible data-driven analytics.

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