Max Polyakov

PhD International Economics

Max Polyakov is an ambitious entrepreneur, scholar and true philanthropist

Driven by his passion to achieve more by transforming promising startups into market leaders, Max Polyakov has founded and operated several successful companies. Among them were industry leaders such as, Maxymiser, HitDymanics, and Cupid Plc. The success of Max’s Polyakov businesses in mid 2000s was a major factor in Ernst & Young naming Max Polyakov Entrepreneur of the Year in Scotland in 2009. Max Polyakov moved to California in 2012, where his venture capital activity allowed Max Polyakov to become one of the most successful businessmen in Silicon Valley with Murka, Renatus, EOS and Firefly Aerospace.

As a philanthropist, Max Polyakov co-founded the NGO Association Noosphere in 2016, whose social initiatives facilitate the discovery, use and sharing of knowledge, as well as promote science and technology on a global scale. Through Association Noosphere, Max Polyakov helps organize regular festivals, conferences and meet-ups to encourage young minds to get involved in science, technology, rocketry and engineering. Examples include the hardware startup competition, the Vernadsky Challenge; the drone F1, Copter Race; and the family oriented tech fair, BestRoboFest. Max Polyakov was recognized as an FAI Companion of Honour in 2017 for his extensive contributions to the development of air sports.
International Economics from Dnipropetrovsk National University
Max Polyakov has two master’s degrees - in medicine and economics. Moreover, a fundamental understanding of the international business environment and processes gained through years of experience lead Max Polyakov to earn a doctorate degree in International Economics from Dnipropetrovsk National University in 2013. Max Polyakov’s thesis emphasized the role that science and technology play in creating and advancing markets and deeply influenced the focus of his business practices.
A particular interest of Max Polyakov in space technologies inevitably led to the launch of EOS in early 2016 with a mission to listen to the “social and commercial pulse of mankind on the planet”. Along with other partner companies, like Firefly Aerospace, Space Systems Engineering (SSE), and Space Electric Thruster Systems (SETS), Max Polyakov aims to provide the full circle of space-related services from rocket design and launch to space data retrieval and analysis.