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EOS Data Analytics Partners Up With Complete Farmer

EOS Data Analytics, a data-driven satellite analytics platform for farm management, announces partnership with Complete Farmer, a digital agriculture platform. The companies intend to promote innovative technologies to boost farming productivity.


Green Manure Crops: Planting & Management Tips

Bare soil is highly subject to structural deterioration and depletion. Using green manure helps to prevent this from happening by providing land protection and fertilization between main crop cultivation.

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Remote Sensing To Face Ag Risks Due To Climate Change

Global warming due to climate change reduces agricultural productivity. Field monitoring and historical weather data allow yield prediction and remote damage assessment, which helps farmers and financial institutions understand crop production risks.


Oil Palm Plantation: Cultivation And Management

Palm oil is an in-demand commodity, so growing oil palm trees in plantations is a popular business. It is highly efficient when plantation owners know cultivation specifics and crop needs.


Soil Solarization For Weed Control And Pest Management

Soil solarization is a chemical-free method to kill weed seeds, pathogens, and pests as well as to improve soil health. It is more efficient when enhanced with other measures of control and satellite-based monitoring.


High-Resolution Images On Crop Monitoring

High-resolution images with Daily Revisit on Crop Monitoring as an add-on module. Users can use it to optimize scouting operations, react to risks in a timely manner, saving money and resources in the process.


Nitrogen Deficiency In Crops: How To Detect & Fix It

Nitrogen deficiency causes essential crop losses. Satellite-based analytics help farmers control nitrogen deficiency in fields and maintain sufficient N levels.


Webinar On Smart Farming Tech In Africa: Key Takeaways

Learn the key takeaways from the webinar on precision agriculture improving livelihoods and increasing yields in Africa, hosted jointly by EOS Data Analytics and Agroxchange Technology.


Cloud-Free NDVI In Agriculture: When It Is Needed & Why

Clouds are often obstacles for optical NDVI, which negatively affect image quality and data analytics. Cloud-free NDVI helps resolve the problem as it uses radar-based imagery. This way it is possible to get accurate data even with cloud cover.