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EOS AgriSat First Satellite Launch By Dragonfly Aerospace

EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, has signed an agreement with Dragonfly Aerospace that the latter will deliver the first satellite for the EOS AgriSat constellation in 2022.


EOSDA To Launch New Software: EOS Forest Monitoring

EOS Data Analytics launches a platform for satellite monitoring of forest stands to provide stakeholders with sustainable forest management tools. Software will help track deforestation and detect fire hazards, save resources and preserve the environment.


Wildfire Prevention: How To Prevent Forest Fires

Forest fires cause whopping losses globally every year and often start due to human-related ignition. Therefore, caution and wildfire prevention measures are important. Satellite monitoring helps notice and address the problem on time.


Cloud-Free NDVI In Agriculture: When It Is Needed & Why

Clouds are often obstacles for optical NDVI, which negatively affect image quality and data analytics. Cloud-free NDVI helps resolve the problem as it uses radar-based imagery. This way it is possible to get accurate data even with cloud cover.

Remote sensing

Cloud Mask: What Makes A Difference For Data Accuracy

Cloud masking is important to prepare satellite images for analysis and hide useless data. It helps to reduce the probability of error and obtain more accurate results. The technique benefits many industries and is widely used in farming software.


The Year Of 2020 In Satellite Highlights

Satellite imagery provides accurate information on environmental disasters. Use cases of natural calamities spatial monitoring in 2020 promote weighted decisions in ecological tragedy response.

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GIS Mapping, Types Of Interactive Maps & Applications

GIS mapping is a widely used technology for geospatial data analysis and visualization. Take a closer look at the modern practice of interactive mapping for better decision-making.


EOS Data Analytics To Launch The First Agriculture-Focused Satellite Constellation By 2025

The launch of own first satellite constellation will allow EOSDA establishing a full satellite data production vertical and increasing the accessibility and accuracy of its satellite monitoring features.

Remote sensing

Spatial Analysis: Data Processing And Use Cases

Basic steps for geospatial analysis implementation and the scope of its applications. Benefits for situation awareness, tracing changes and prognosis.