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Agriculture 29.03.2021

Fertigation: All-The-Rage Agricultural Technology

Fertigation is an efficient agricultural technology merging fertilization with irrigation. Manage your fields more precise with site-specific, variable rate fertilizer applications.

Crop Monitoring 23.03.2021

Satellite Monitoring In Action: As Farmers See It

An interview with a farmer from Argentina about the company’s experience of satellite technology implementation. Main reasons and benefits of switching to precision agriculture techniques.

Remote sensing 06.03.2021

GIS Mapping, Types Of Interactive Maps & Applications

GIS mapping is a widely used technology for geospatial data analysis and visualization. Take a closer look at the modern practice of interactive mapping for better decision-making.

Crop Monitoring 26.02.2021

Precision Farming Technology: Sub-Saharan Farmers’ Look

A farmer’s case. The CEO of a farming digital platform shares the experience of precision farming technology implementation in Sub-Saharan countries. The main obstacles and advantages of the adoption.

Agriculture 21.02.2021

Soil Salinization Causes & How To Prevent And Manage It

Soil salinization causes land degradation, spoils water resources, and reduces agricultural productivity. Online farming software assists in decreasing soil salinity, salinization prevention and control.

Agriculture 11.02.2021

Water Erosion: Types, Causes, Effects, And Prevention

Take a look at different types of water erosion and ways to prevent each of them from occurring in your field. Each type of water erosion requires a specific approach to fix degradation.

Media 10.02.2021

EOS Data Analytics Partners Up With AgroXchange

EOS Data Analytics partners up with AgroXchange. This cooperation aims to provide small Nigerian farmers with precision agriculture via implementation of satellite crop monitoring.

Crop Monitoring 26.01.2021

Weather In Agriculture: Accuracy Promotes Success

Importance of weather forecasting in agriculture alongside current and historical data. Crop Monitoring as a reliable agriculture-specific weather source for weighted decisions and risks mitigation.

Agriculture 14.01.2021

Regenerative Agriculture: Practices For Secure Future

Principles of regenerative agriculture and its role in supporting environmental sustainability. Why farmers shift to regenerative practices and how farming software can help in their implementation.