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Media 22.03.2021

The Year Of 2020 In Satellite Highlights

Satellite imagery provides accurate information on environmental disasters. Use cases of natural calamities spatial monitoring in 2020 promote weighted decisions in ecological tragedy response.

Media 18.02.2021

EOS Data Analytics To Launch The First Agriculture-Focused Satellite Constellation By 2024

The launch of own first satellite constellation will allow EOSDA establishing a full satellite data production vertical and increasing the accessibility and accuracy of its satellite monitoring features.

Media 10.02.2021

EOS Data Analytics Partners Up With AgroXchange

EOS Data Analytics partners up with AgroXchange. This cooperation aims to provide small Nigerian farmers with precision agriculture via implementation of satellite crop monitoring.

Media 16.12.2020

EOS Data Analytics Partners With StarkSat

EOS Data Analytics announced about its cooperation with StarkSat. This partnership will allow farmers in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay to have better access to precision agricultural innovations that improve farming productivity in the region.

Media 21.10.2020

EOS Data Analytics To Launch A Satellite With Dragonfly Multispectral Imagers In 2022

A launch of a satellite by EOS Data Analytics and Dragonfly Multispectral Imagers in 2022 opens new horizons in precision farming, facilitating a timely response to the smallest changes in land-cover and helps to prevent undesired outcomes.

Media 09.10.2020

World Space Week: Satellites Improve Life

World Space Week 2020 aims to hightlight the benefits satellite technology brings to humanity: improving our everyday lives via enormous contribution to various fields and industries.

Crop Monitoring 30.09.2020

Satellite Crop Monitoring As A Tool For Input Suppliers

How precision technologies in agriculture such as satellite-based crop monitoring helps input suppliers in food industry build lasting connections with customers.

Media 17.08.2020

EOS Data Analytics Joins The Goldeneye Project

Joining the Goldeneye project, EOS Data Analytics will contribute to developing solutions that improve safety, environmental impact, and profitability of mines.