EOS Data Analytics Participation In Horizon Europe: Paving A Path To Sustainability Together

On a mission to harness space technology for sustainable development, EOS Data Analytics has joined the EU's Horizon project. The science team has brought its expertise to the GoldenEye program focused on enabling responsible mining, and we are eager to take on more projects promoting sustainable practices.

EOS Data Analytics has joined the Horizon 2022 project

Horizon 2020

EOS Data Analytics joined the consortium for one of the green economy projects within the Horizon 2020 funding program, a major EU initiative promoting research and innovation.

Horizon 2020 aims to strengthen Europe's innovative potential by focusing on excellent science, industrial leadership, and addressing societal challenges. The goal is to create conditions for science to thrive and promote collaboration of public and private sectors to deliver globally competitive innovations.

Sustainable decision-making with satellite-derived data

GoldenEye – Horizon 2020 Funded Project

EOS Data Analytics joined GoldenEye, one of the Horizon 2020 research projects focused on the mining industry. It aims to:

  • Develop new sensing technologies and data integration
  • Obtain new data of the trial mine sites
  • Create an analytics platform to integrate new and existing data of the trial mine sites
  • Provide a cloud solution for the mining customers and authorities to access information of the mining sites
Satellite, areal, and ground data processing

Project Sites


EOSDA's Input Into The Horizon 2020 Project GoldenEye

Drawing on vast scientific and analytical expertise, EOS Ukraine, a subsidiary of EOS Data Analytics, has developed an algorithm for land surface temperature downscaling from Landsat-8 to a finer spatial resolution of Sentinel-2 data. The advantage of the underlying ElasticNet regression method is the minimal dependence on land surface classes. As a result, GoldenEye maps of surface temperatures reveal fine details that cannot be seen in the original satellite images.

The tasks of EOSDA science team in the project scope were to:

estimate the slope stability
allocate areas of ongoing extraction
analyze humidity and surface temperatures
assess vegetation state in adjacent territories
evaluate the changes in water surface area in tailings

Project Milestones

  • May 2020

    Start of the project

  • January 2021


  • October 2021

    Field trial planning

  • February 2022

    Data acquisition and processing

  • September 2022

    Operational applications

  • August 2023

    Field trial completion

  • October 2023

    End of project

Current Project Status

EOS Data Analytics developed an algorithm based on ElasticNet regression to downscale Landsat-8 land surface temperature to finer Sentinel-2 image resolution. As a result, a higher degree of detail was achieved in temperature maps compared to the original imagery.

Olena Kavats and Kateryna Sergieieva in Finland within the GoldenEye program
The EOSDA team at a copper ore quarry in Bulgaria
EOSDA team with the rest of the GoldenEye scientists in Bulgaria
Alyona and Ekaterina in Finland within the GoldenEye project

The science team introduced the time series of Sentinel-1 Single Look Complex (SLC) coherence data to locate operating mines and unaffected surfaces of mining areas. This approach facilitated the mapping of the active mining areas and measuring the scale of surface changes.

Leveraging SAR data, which enables fast and accurate mapping of surface water bodies under any conditions, EOSDA came up with a viable solution for monitoring changes in the water surface of tailings ponds.

EOSDA Experts Working On GoldenEye Project

Kateryna Sergieieva

Kateryna Sergieieva

Senior Scientist

Olena Kavats

Olena Kavats

Data Scientist, GoldenEye Project Coordinator

Dr. Nataliia Borotkanych

Dr. Nataliia Borotkanych

Projects Coordinator

EOS Data Analytics Academic Outreach Program

EOSDA Science Team

As a science-driven company, we have 25 professors with a PhD and 60 in-house data scientists and GIS specialists whose expertise shines through in all EOSDA solutions. Aside from delivering on Horizon 2020 program and similar projects, our science team is at the heart of crafting Custom Solutions, such as Yield Prediction, Remote Harvest Dynamics Monitoring, Crop Type Classification, Field Boundaries Detection, Soil Moisture Analytics.

Learn more about EOSDA participation in Horizon 2020

About EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA) leverages space technologies to create AI-driven satellite analytics solutions, which address business needs across various verticals and promote sustainability. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Max Polyakov, EOSDA operates within the Noosphere space group of companies.

EOSDA's Efforts To Shape A Sustainable Future Today

Projects Beyond Horizon 2020 Where We Can Help

EOS Data Analytics is eager to take on more pioneering projects that apply cutting-edge technologies to solve the biggest challenges facing the global community. We bring innovative solutions and solid scientific expertise to the table and believe that joined efforts will bring the sustainable future of humanity closer.


  • EOSDA Crop Monitoring – an online satellite-driven precision agriculture platform with 950,000+ users in every world country
  • Plant vegetation analysis using remote sensing technologies
  • Information on weather hazards such as drought, cold, and heat stress
  • Crop condition assessment and identification of problem areas
  • Custom-tailored solutions for crop classification, yield prediction, harvest monitoring, and more
  • Integration of of EOS SAT data during the field trials for better decision-making
 monitoring of agricultural lands


  • Detection and monitoring of deforestation, scalable from forest stand to region
  • Reforestation dynamics tracing
  • Monitoring of fire hazard indicators and locating the potential fires using time series of satellite and meteorological data
  • Wildfire monitoring
  • Forest health assessment
monitoring of forest stands

Sustainable Mining

  • Provision of high-resolution EOS SAT data, products, and online services
  • Monitoring of operating mining areas and mineral extraction rate in open pit mines
  • Monitoring and mapping the disposals of secondary raw materials using satellite data time series with terrestrial validation
  • Assessment of soil stability in active and/or abandoned mining areas
  • Monitoring and mapping the environmental impact of mining on soil, water, vegetation, and temperature conditions in buffer zones around mining areas
monitoring of mining activities

Climate Change

  • Monitoring changes in water body characteristics
  • Identifying and mapping areas of flood peaks
  • Estimation of extreme drought risks and its impact on crop growth
  • Detection and mapping of areas severely affected by water scarcity
  • Forest fire risk and damage assessment, fire zone detection and mapping
  • Monitoring moisture content in plants and assessing the risk of tree diseases
monitoring of climate changes

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