EOS Crop Monitoring

A digital agro-platform to effectively monitor fields

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EOS Land Viewer

Provides the most advanced data search and on-the-fly analytics

High-Resolution Images

The latest high-res images are closer than ever before

Ukraine Crop Map

Find the most updated land cover map of Ukraine

EOS platform capabilities background
EOS platform capabilities picture
EOS has created a digital online Platform providing efficient tools for searching, processing, and analyzing large amounts of satellite data. As a result, you will get valuable insights allowing you to quickly respond to changes, make reliable decisions, and meet real business challenges.

EOS platform capabilities

  • Our platform is a cloud-based satellite imagery catalog equipped with a set of on-the-fly data processing tools, useful analytical features, as well as fire analysis and deforestation functions.
  • Among other data management options, we currently offer data harmonization to get unified and typed data for full-fledged analytics, and scalable data processing on a contractual basis (B2B)
  • It is a stand-alone online service for satellite field monitoring, which helps to speed up the decision-making process on field treatment and to take prompt actions, thereby saving time and investment.

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