EOS Data Analytics announced a partnership with Agro Gestión
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EOS Data Analytics Partners With Agro Gestión

EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), A global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, has partnered with Agro Gestión, a company specializing in managing primary production and agribusinesses. This collaboration aims to implement cutting-edge technological solutions in Argentina and later Paraguay and Spain, maximizing their potential to transform the agricultural landscape.

As part of its growth strategy in the Latin American market and to reinforce its commitment to innovation and efficiency, Agro Gestión is expanding its technological offerings with EOSDA Crop Monitoring, an online satellite-based precision agriculture platform for field monitoring.

In Argentina, a country known for its vast and fertile lands, agriculture plays a pivotal role in the nation’s economy. With over 200 million hectares dedicated to agriculture, Argentina stands as the world’s third-largest exporter of soybeans, corn, and raw soybean oil, and the fourth-largest wine producer.

In recent years, the country’s agricultural sector has faced challenges such as a drop in soybean production to 46 million metric tons in 2021 due to drought. However, with an impressive output of 113 million metric tons of corn and sorghum in the 2020-2021 crop year and a contribution of around 10% to the country’s GDP, Argentina’s agricultural prowess remains unshaken .

Agro Gestión, recognizing the immense potential and the need for sustainable practices in Argentina’s agricultural sector, aims to introduce advanced technological tools in collaboration with EOSDA. These innovations are not only geared towards boosting production but also ensuring environmental sustainability. The partnership seeks to leverage Argentina’s agricultural capabilities, focusing on grains, oil seeds, forage, and other significant crops that constitute 82% of the nation’s agricultural land.

By integrating EOSDA’s satellite data analytics, the new collaboration aims to enhance efficiency, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and foster growth, aligning with the country’s ambition to remain a major player in the global agricultural market.

In collaboration with EOSDA, at Agro Gestión, we are expanding our technological offerings, enhancing the quality of information, and simplifying the adoption of intuitive solutions. This partnership represents a significant step for our clients and agriculture in Argentina.

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While the initial focus will be on enhancing the agriculture sector in Argentina, the collaboration aims to expand its reach to other industries, including livestock and horticulture, and even explore opportunities in forestry.

The integration of EOSDA’s advanced technological tools will enable Agro Gestión to offer tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs and structures of different clients, thereby fostering innovation and sustainability across various agricultural domains.

Later, this alliance sets the stage for Agro Gestión’s ambitious plans to extend its presence beyond Argentina. With a proven commitment to efficiency, transparency, and high-level technological service, the company is poised to make significant inroads into other markets, including Paraguay and Spain.

We at EOSDA are thrilled to join forces with Agro Gestión, a company that shares our vision for a sustainable future in agriculture. For EOSDA, this partnership goes beyond mere technological advancement; it’s about leveraging our satellite data analytics to create actionable insights that empower farmers and agribusinesses to adapt to the changing climate. It’s indeed a step towards a more sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural landscape in Latin America.

The synergy with EOSDA will undoubtedly play a crucial role in this expansion, providing the technological backbone to support Agro Gestión’s growth and reinforcing its position as a leader in primary production and agribusiness management.

About the author:

Oleksandr Dzhevaga Partner Account Executive at EOS Data Analytics

Oleksandr Dzhevaga has over 8 years of experience in Data Protection, Finance, Telecommunications and Marketing. Oleksandr’s journey began with a Marter’s degree in Foreign Linguistics and Translation from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, and expanded into an ever-evolving strife for excellence across multiple industries and scales.

Having joined EOSDA in January 2022, he has already created a clear strategy of growing the EOSDA end users worldwide, focusing on the verticals such as, Food Producers, FinTech, Telecom, Input Suppliers, Consulting and more.

Oleksandr has established an extensive network of business insiders from various segments and enabled multiple startups on their outreach ventures. Oleksandr is actively building a foundation for sustainable partner relationships and conscious growth by combining versatile expertise with a philosophy of lifelong learning and an outgoing persona.

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EOS Data Analytics Partners With Agro Gestión
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EOS Data Analytics Partners With Agro Gestión

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, EOS Data Analytics and Agro Gestión's partnership will bring cutting-edge satellite technology to more agribusinesses in Argentina, Paraguay, and Spain.