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EOS Data Analytics Partners Up With AgroXchange

partnership of EOSDA and AgroXchange

EOS Data Analytics, a trusted global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analysis, has partnered with AgroXchange, a digital profiling platform that facilitates access to market, credit, and inputs for farmers in Nigeria, to embed satellite crop monitoring in smallholder farming processes.

This cooperation between EOS Data Analytics and AgroXchange will foster the integration of space technologies into the Nigerian agricultural sector. With the implementation of satellite crop monitoring within precision agriculture tech, farm productivity is expected to improve by 30%.

For smaller Nigerian farms, the adoption of space monitoring represents a cost-effective solution for field cultivation. Visualized satellite data enables farmers to model the development of crops, track surface moisture, assess vegetation health, and manage the condition of fields from the comfort of their office.

Agriculture in Africa and Nigeria, in particular, has vast economic potential. In this way, the implementation of satellite technologies will just hasten the pace of the country’s solid development. With investments in crop monitoring, small Nigerian farms gain support for business growth based on the principles of sustainable farming. Therefore, accessibility and affordability of satellite technologies are key to ensuring food security for the African region,” EOS Data Analytics founder Max Polyakov stated.

Over time, food security has become a trending topic due to climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore essential to adopt the application of satellite data and remote sensing technologies to achieve climate resilient agriculture and relevant SDGs that will aid improvements to smallholder farmer livelihood and improve food security in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Adewale Adegoke, the CEO of AgroXchange commented.

Precision farming technologies allow farmers to make data-driven decisions while implementing sustainable practices that can preserve natural resources for future generations. Agricultural development driven by satellite crop monitoring solutions ensures dynamic economic growth, and strengthens food chain risk mitigation.

About AgroXchange:

The AgroXchange is a geospatial database of farms and farmers that leverages the market penetration of smart devices in Nigeria and the GPS location component of smart phones to facilitate rapid data collection and information dissemination in real-time and near real-time. The main objective of the geospatial database is to reduce the cost of doing business for farmers, aggregators, offtakers, and processors in establishing market linkages, thus bridging the gap of availability of disaggregated farm data, access to markets, commodity trade facilitation and ensuring traceability.

Find more information, visit agroxchange.ng.