Tennessee Farmers Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers - QUICK REVIEW

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative is a federated farm supply cooperative with over 160 retail outlets that serve more than half a million customers across Tennessee and in five neighboring states.

Nevertheless, its core activities are not limited to the production and distribution of consumer products, seed, and crop nutrients. As a federated cooperative system, TFC is characterized by the coordinated work of independent enterprises from agriculture and related fields.

The cooperative owns three fertilizer plants, five feed mills, a metal fabrication plant, a farm equipment facility, and a maintenance shop. TFC also operates barge terminals in Nashville and Ft. Loudoun in East Tennessee.

Since its foundation in 1945, Tennessee Farmers Co-op has been guided by the best interests of farmers through partnership, the sharing of experience, improving technologies, and respect for its heritage.

Enterprise size:

501-1,000 employees




Private enterprise


Agricultural Production, Consumer Products, Feed, Farm hardware


$825 million

States Served:

6 (TN, KY, GA, VA, NC, MS)

Client base:

70,000 farmer-owners and 500,000 non-member clients.




LaVergne, TN

Contact phone:



PO Box 3003 La Vergne, TN 37086, US


Tennessee Farmers Cooperative is one of the U.S. largest agricultural federations.

The co-op’s stores offer a wide range of agronomy, grain, and feed products under the cooperative individual brand (CO-OP), as well as from leading industry suppliers:

  • Fertilizers (CO-OP, WinField United, Rainbow Plant Food, DeltAg, Monty’s Plant Food Company);
  • Crop protection products (CORTEVA, FMC, Syngenta, Valent);
  • Seed (wheat, cotton, soybean, corn, and others by AgriMAXX, Americot, Inc., Asgrow, Credenz, Croplan by WinField United, DEKALB, FiberMax, NK Seed, Deltapine, PhytoGen, Progeny, Terral Seed, Uni-South Genetics, Inc., etc.);
  • Livestock feed (CO-OP);
  • Equipment and components (including livestock equipment from Co-op’s own Metal Fabrication plant in LaVergne, and agronomy equipment by Doyle Manufacturing, Salford Group, GEHL loaders, Willmar, Ag Spray Equipment, Raven Applied Technology, Big John Mfg., as well as TeeJet spray products, Green Leaf and Banjo sprayer parts, Pacer Pumps, Norwesco Tanks, etc.).


Besides offering agronomy products, Tennessee Farmers Co-op provides its clients with access to innovative agricultural technologies and the assistance of its highly trained staff. The cooperative utilizes and distributes the following Precision Ag software and solutions focused on specific tasks:

  • Incompass logo

    Incompass combines the latest precision agriculture offerings with traditional crop management tools on one platform to make data collection and analysis easier and more effective.

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  • Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView logo

    Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView is the first of its kind to enable farmers to easily access a wide range of interconnected tools, services, and data.

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  • R7 Tool logo

    R7 Tool combines more than 20 years of satellite imagery with local seed and crop protection data to generate field performance information to help match crop inputs to the potential of each acre.

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  • WinField United logo

    The web-based crop modeling program R7 Field Forecasting Tool combines data with plant science to take the guesswork out of in-season applications.

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  • EOS Crop Monitoring logo

    Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

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Services, branches of activity, specializations of the CVA cooperative:

Agricultural supply

Tennessee Farmers Co-op is an active producer and supplier of farming inputs like seeds, crop protection, nutrients, and livestock products. Additionally, it provides a wide range of products for the home, lawn, and garden. Under the brand name CO-OP, TFC retail stores offer garden and lawn seed, ornamental plants, fertilizers, pet products, hunting supplies, workwear, tires, lubricants, batteries, etc.

TFC feed mills

TFC has its own feed manufacturing facilities in Jackson, LaVergne, and Rockford, which provide feed, pet food, livestock supplement products, medicated animal feed, and various feed ingredients.

Ag Equipment division

This branch helps farmers by providing the best equipment including sprayers, implements, GPS equipment, and wheel loaders. It also provides dry material applicators to their fields.


Tennessee Farmers Co-op continuously collaborates with the leading industry players, both in its core activities and social initiatives. For example:

  • WinField United has been one of the most consistent partners of the co-op for over ten years. From high-quality seeds and chemicals to precision ag tools like Incompass, Climate Fieldview, and others – members of Tennessee Coop can enjoy access to the best products and solutions through this partnership.
  • Tennessee Farmers Co-op annually supports FFA, 4-H, and similar organizations, contributing more than $250,000 per year to provide sponsorship, conferences, and various events. Also, TN Farmers Co-op offers 32 scholarships to agriculture students at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Tennessee Technological University, Middle Tennessee State University, Tennessee State University, and Austin Peay State University.


  • Satellite imagery that helps to determine the condition of the field and possible development violations.
  • Determination of crop development stages for planning fertilizer application and other agricultural operations.
  • Detailed soil type mapping.
  • Zoning tool that helps to optimally determine the areas for fertilizer application.
  • Identifying climate and weather risks.