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EOSDA Crop Monitoring Solutions For Mid Kansas Coop

Mid Kansas Coop EOSDA Crop Monitoring Solutions
  • Zoning tools allow for the creation of a productivity and fertilizer application map, as well as the creation of accurate fertilizer application recommendations.
  • Satellite-based monitoring of crop conditions, allowing the identification of vegetation disturbances.
  • Daily updated weather data with an available resolution of 6.5 х 6.5 km helps to quickly identify possible weather risks to properly plan fertilizer operations.
  • Assessment of crop development in a given area based on NDVI, RECI, MSAVI, and NDRE indices, with the opportunity to choose the most informative index for each crop growth stage.


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EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Field analytics tool with problem area detection capabilities, access to high-res imagery, and a team management feature - ideal for agricultural cooperatives.