Landus Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers

Landus Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers - Quick Review

Landus Cooperative is a farmer-owned agricultural cooperative offering a complete range of services for a business of its type; from agronomy services, precision ag, and grain marketing to feed manufacturing, seed and crop nutrient supply, and more. The co-op is committed to maximizing yields and supporting the full circle of the food chain from growing seed to consumer-ready products, with deep consideration of innovative technologies and approaches as the key to its success.

Today, Landus Cooperative serves customers in more than 60 locations in Iowa and Minnesota, where apart from its core activities, the co-op continuously supports local communities by investing in educational programs and a variety of non-profit organizations.

Enterprise size:

600 employees




Private enterprise


Agriculture, Farming, Feed, Grain Marketing


$201 million-$1 billion

States Served:

2 (IA, MN)

Client base:

about 7,000 member-owners


Landus Cooperative


Ames, IA

Contact phone:



2321 N Loop Dr Ste. 220, Ames, IA 50010, US

Area of Activity

Landus Co-op represents both products of its own brands and trusted representatives of the industry, being an active supplier of:

  • Seed (soybean by the co-op own brand AcreEdge, as well as DeKalb and Asgrow seed products);
  • Crop nutrients (including fertilizers like Integrus, which is a trademark of Landus, and MicroEssentials by Mosaic Company, as well as RemaiN nitrogen stabilizer);
  • Livestock feed (feed and nutrition supplies provided by Purina);

The cooperative also provides grain marketing and logistics. Having access to seven railroads, Landus Cooperative provides connectivity to domestic and global grain buyers. Their grain marketing advisors offer a variety of grain marketing alternatives and customized solutions.

Farming software distributor

Landus Cooperative implements precision ag technologies considering them as an efficient and necessary management tool that allows revealing the true potential of each acre, by turning the field data into site-specific prescriptions and recommendations.

Landus Cooperative monitors changes in technologies and recommends trusted platforms which can help farmers to utilize their field data efficiently:

  • FieldReveal logo

    Based on multi-layer analysis of the soil to forecast crop yield, this software provides a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the field. More recent data is continuously and automatically compared with previously downloaded ones. As a result, a user receives customized input prescriptions concerning seed, fertility, etc.

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  • Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView logo

    Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView is the first of its kind to enable farmers to easily access a wide range of interconnected tools, services, and data.

    More info

  • John Deere logo

    The world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery provides several software products that connect John Deere equipment with other machines, including farmers’ smartphones or computers. This software analyzes individual data through sensors added to the John Deere equipment combined with historical data on everything from weather and soil conditions to crop features.

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  • EOS Crop Monitoring logo

    Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

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Products, services and solutions

Services, branches of activity, specializations of the CVA cooperative:

Agronomy products & services

The Agronomy Division of Landus Cooperative provides seed, crop nutrients, and crop protection products. The team of agronomists and applicators also provides the customer with various solutions for individual fields and field zones, utilizing precision ag tools, location-based services, etc.

Grain marketing

Landus Cooperative offers more than a dozen marketing alternatives for agricultural producers, providing them with a connection to the vast world of market demand. Using data-driven marketing solutions helps to connect grain marketing and agronomy purchasing with logistics and operations.

Feed division

Landus Cooperative operates five feed mills certified by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), as well as provides bulk feed and toll milling services. Also, Landus Animal Nutrition Division offers customized services for farmers and facility owners.

Partnership and cooperation

Landus Cooperative always seeks profitable alliances to add value, increase service, and expand opportunity. For now, the cooperative has developed several strategic partnerships in underserved areas with critical allies in the ag industry. This includes Feed Partners, Templeton Crop Nutrients, Mid-State Milling, FSC, and GSC Ag.

These alliances allow Landus Cooperative to leverage and improve the logistics network, as well as services, safety, and efficiency for farmer-members.

Apart from business partnerships, Landus Cooperative takes part in the life of local communities. The co-op’s Core Grant program makes donations to the 4-H, FFA, fire & rescue, and county fair boards, contributing more than $100,000 annually.

In addition, Landus Cooperative offers a scholarship program to high school seniors who plan to work in agriculture in the future.

    EOS Crop Monitoring solutions for Landus Cooperative

    • Crop condition assessment based on NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI data.
    • Building maps for differentiated fertilizer application.
    • Accurate weather forecasts.
    • Calculation of NDVI values using an improved cloud mask.
    • Automated monitoring of a large number of fields.
    • Constantly updated information on the current stage of crop growth, based on satellite imagery.