Harvest Land Co-Op: An Insight For Farmers

Harvest Land Co-Op: An Insight For Farmers - QUICK REVIEW

Harvest Land Co-op is a farmer-owned company focused on supplying fuel, feed, seed, fertilizer, crop protection, and other agricultural inputs. In addition, the cooperative provides custom application services, precision farming, grain marketing, and other solutions to support a variety of farming operations in Indiana and Ohio.

At the time of writing, Harvest Land Cooperative operates 51 facilities including: grain storage, crop outlets, bulk petroleum plants, feed mills, retail gasoline outlets, and country stores.

Apart from its core activities, Harvest Land Co-op is highly engaged In the life of communities in the served counties and supports nonprofits and charities.

Enterprise size:

201-500 employees




Privately Held


Agriculture, Farm Services, Energy, Feed, Grain Marketing, Precision Ag, Retail


$430 million

States Served:

2 (IN, OH)

Client base:

5,400 farmer-members




Richmond, IN

Contact phone:



1435 NW 5th St, Richmond, Indiana 47374, US


Harvest Land Co-op is committed to providing full-service support for farmers and producers from farming inputs to grain marketing services. One of the cooperative’s branches is dedicated to marketing retail consumer items to the general public.

Harvest Land Cooperative is an active distributor of:

  • Fertilizers and crop protection products;
  • Seed (hybrids and varieties by the leading brands like Croplan, Dekalb (Asgrow) Credenz, Mycogen, and Pioneer);
  • Propane, fuel, and lubricants (CountryMark);
  • Feed (Purina, VitaFerm, Lindner, Kalmbach Feeds);
  • Precision planting equipment (Ag Leader).

Additionally, HarvestLand Co-op provides data management services, utilizing the latest precision ag technologies and software, variable rate application services for nutrients and crop protection products, customized seed selecting, fertilizer planning, and precise recommendations for the particular field.


Precision Ag is one of the crucial directions of Harvest Land activity. Utilizing precision ag solutions, the cooperative provides soil sampling, variable rate application, customized prescriptions for seed and crop nutrients, and many other services. The co-op is armed with the latest software and tools, and each of them is focused on a specific task:

  • YieldPro logo

    Harvest Coop YieldPro system, which combines the yield data with local soil sample data and technical seed data from the Answer Plot program to help develop customized prescriptions for seed and crop nutrients.

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  • AirScout logo

    AirScout is an aerial imagery resource. Using patented thermal imagery, plant temperature can be measured throughout a field, and reading of field variations helps identify pest and disease impacts. Besides identifying problem areas, Airscout technology also allows the finding of cost-effective solutions with advanced warnings.

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  • R7 Tool logo

    R7 Tool by WinField United helps to make necessary planning and in-season decisions on the farm. Soil maps and satellite imagery help identify more productive areas within a particular field, while years of Answer Plot data within the tool help guide efficient in-season management and seed selection during the planning season.

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  • Drone Deploy logo

    Drone Deploy is a leading drone software that allows creating high-resolution maps and 3D imaging, helping the farmer to analyze the fields, and make smarter and more informed decisions.

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  • EOS Crop Monitoring logo

    Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

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Services, branches of activity, specializations of Harvest Land Co-op:

Agronomy Department

Harvest Land Co-op Agronomy Department is focused on supplying seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products as well as related services and assistance during the whole cultivation process including soil sampling, seed selection, application services, crop scouting, data management, etc.

Energy Department

Its Energy Department offers propane, liquid fuel, and lubricant delivery for households, businesses, and farms. The cooperative also operates six Country Mark fuel stations.

Grain marketing assistance

The Harvest Land grain merchandising team assists their clients in choosing the best crop insurance option and building customized grain marketing strategies, while simultaneously providing a variety of grain services and contracts.


In its market area, Harvest Land Co-op is involved in several important social projects:

  • Harvest Land Co-op has partnered with Wounded Warriors In Action nonprofit for the Delivering Honor program. Harvest Land donates three cents per each gallon of propane sold to Wounded Warriors In Action. The cooperative has already donated $25,000 to WWIA through this program.
  • At the beginning of each fiscal year, Harvest Land Co-op employees volunteer 8 hours of community service within the Cultivating Communities program, and the co-op donates $75 to the project under which the employee has volunteered.
  • To support future professionals in the field of agriculture, Harvest Land Co-op annually offers $1000 agricultural scholarships to seniors graduating high school.


  • Daily-updated weather forecasts, with analysis of weather risks for crops to prevent harvest losses.
  • Identifying soil types and moisture using satellite data.
  • Analysis of vegetation dynamics based on the relevant vegetation indices for five years, as well as the assessment of VI using the cloud mask.
  • Building a fertilizer application map and productivity map using the zoning tool.
  • Automated monitoring of the condition of a large number of fields, based on satellite imagery.