Ceres Solutions Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers

Ceres Solutions Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers - QUICK REVIEW

Ceres Solutions Cooperative is a farmer-owned supply and service cooperative that helps its members to improve product and service quality while reducing risks. It also meets the needs of more than 40,000 customers in 35 counties across the states of Indiana and Michigan.

Being focused on agronomy products and services, precision Ag technologies, grain marketing, power fuels, propane gas, lubricants, and more, the co-op partners with leading companies in the agricultural industry to provide the best service.

In 2019, at Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN Partners In Excellence Summit, Ceres Solutions Cooperative was honored as a leader among agricultural retailer companies that are helping to drive improved environmental outcomes while supporting farm profitability and resilience.

Enterprise size:

650 employees




Private enterprise


Agronomy, Seed, Feed, Fuels and Oils, Propane


$500 million to $1 billion

States Served:

2 (IN, MI)

Client base:





Crawfordsville, IN

Contact phone:



2112 Indianapolis Road, Crawfordsville, IN 47933, US


Since the beginning of its history in the 1920s, Ceres group has continually expanded into all aspects of agronomy, crop services, and the development of propane and fuel supplies to the benefit of its member and non-member customers. Nowadays, Ceres Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of:

  • Fuel and lubricants (the co-op was named the top supplier of CountryMark premium diesel fuel and gasoline, and also provides CountryMark and Cenex lubricants);
  • Propane (for households, farms, and commercial businesses);
  • Seed;
  • Livestock feed (having the co-op’s own feed facility in White Cloud, MI, coupled with its partnership with Synergy Feeds in Indiana, Ceres Solutions provides a variety of nutrition solutions for dairy, beef, poultry, and swine).


Ceres Solutions’ CORE Agronomics program covers pre-season management, in-season management, and post-season analysis. This means that it can provide its clients with customized variable rate recommendations, nutrient prescriptions, imagery, yield analysis, and other precision ag services. Each of the tools and applications utilized within the CORE program is focused on a particular task, for example:

  • Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView logo

    Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView is the first of its kind to enable farmers to easily access a wide range of interconnected tools, services, and data.

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  • R7 Tool logo

    WinField’s R7 Tool combines more than 20 years of satellite imagery with local seed and crop protection data to generate field performance information to help match crop inputs to the potential of each acre.

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  • WinField United logo

    Fueled by insights gathered by tissue and soil samples, the NutriSolutions app by WinField United helps quickly analyze the in-season health of the fields so that the farmer can adjust crop nutrition for maximum return potential on every investment and acre.

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  • EOS Crop Monitoring logo

    Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

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Services, branches of activity, specializations of the CVA cooperative:

Agronomy services

Ceres Solutions Cooperative operates a bulk seed handling facility and provides products by leading seed companies, bulk seed options, and delivery.

Nevertheless, the Ceres Solutions agronomy division services are not limited by selling products. The co-op’s clients get access to precision ag solutions, customized recommendations concerning seed and nutrients, as well as expert consultations on how to optimize inputs, reduce risk, and maximize yields.

Fuels and lubricants

Ceres Solutions serves thousands of farms and businesses with high-quality fuels and lubricants. Fuel products are available for bulk delivery and at more than 20 stations across the co-op’s trade area. The Ceres Solutions fuel team offers farm and business solutions, including contracting, account services, SPCC plan support, and risk management expertise.


Ceres Solutions Cooperative offers propane gas delivery and service options for home, farm, and commercial business.


Ceres Solutions not only collaborates with agronomy products manufacturers but also continuously participates in environmental projects, campaigns, and community life. The leading conservation solutions provider Land O’Lakes is a regular Ceres Solutions’ partner in many of these initiatives:

  • Ceres Farms co-op has engaged in the Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN Program. The co-op has run a number of educational projects concerning soil health and conservation agriculture, helping farmers to implement nutrient management plans and educating them on practices that reduce soil erosion.
  • Ceres Solutions is also a key leader in the Land O’Lakes’ Big Pine watershed conservation project focused on improving water quality in western Indiana.
  • Ceres partners with Land O’Lakes to regularly provide high school and college scholarships across Indiana, along with charitable donations to local 4-H youth program leaders and county programs.


  • Map differential fertilization using the zoning tool.
  • Data from satellite images helps to determine the condition of the field and possible violations of the development of field vegetation.