Central Valley Ag: An Insight For Farmers

Central Valley Ag: An Insight For Farmers - quick review

Central Valley Ag is an agricultural cooperative focused on grain, feed, and energy, which has 90 locations across Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.

By using innovative technologies in providing its products and services, CVA Coop continuously strives to maximize the potential benefits for its clients.

Outside of Central Valley Ag’s core activities (for more details, visit cvacoop.com), it offers a wide range of additional services and programs. These range from crop input financial programs and crop insurance in alliance with The Home Agency, to CVA scholarship programs to support the training of students of CVA member-owners and employees. CVA improves efficiency at all levels to ensure stability and success both for teams and customers.

Enterprise size:

501-1,000 employees




Private enterprise


Advanced Cropping Systems, ProEdge Marketing, Research and Development


$201 million-$1 billion (2019)

States Served:

3 (NE, IA, KS)

Client base:

over 10,000 farmers and ranchers




York, NE

Contact phone:



2803 N Nebraska Ave, York, NE 68467, US

Area of Activity

Central Valley Ag, named the most valuable dealership in 2018 by Precision Farming Dealer magazine, is a cooperative that provides agronomy, grain, energy, and feed products and services within Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. CVA coop is an active producer and supplier of:

  • Fertilizers;
  • Chemicals;
  • Insecticides;
  • Seed;
  • Livestock feed;
  • Fuels and lubricants for the farming equipment.

CVA also provides grain storage and services like grain merchandising, marketing, and precision farming.

CVA coop is a reliable distributor for large American companies focused on healthy food ingredients. For example, recently, Calyxt, Inc. had announced collaboration with CVA to expand its network of Calyxt crop varieties. CVA will contract land to launch the new Calyxt soybean varieties while offering seed distribution and agronomy services.

Farming software distributor

To meet the demands of modern farming, Central Valley Ag Coop distributes and utilizes precision ag software.

Each of the tools, used by Central Valley Ag are focused on a specific task in providing forecasts, prescriptions, soil & field analysis, and other services for the clients:

  • Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView logo

    Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView is the first of its kind to enable farmers to easily access a wide range of interconnected tools, services, and data.

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  • AgriSync logo

    AgriSync is a Central Valley Ag’s ACS mobile support platform. Available to CVA’s precision ag customers for free, the AgriSync app allows advisors to see, solve, and track customer issues from the field.

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  • EOS Crop Monitoring logo

    Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

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Products, services and solutions

Services, branches of activity, specializations of the CVA cooperative:

FieldReveal precision ag platform

Based on multi-layer analysis of the soil to forecast crop yields, this software provides a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the field. More recent data is continuously and automatically compared with previously downloaded ones. As a result, a user receives customized input prescriptions concerning seed, fertility, etc.

Seed selecting

CVA coop provides the service of location-based seed selection solutions along with season-long management and year-round agronomic support, thus assisting farmers throughout the cultivation process.

Grain marketing assistance

CVA Grain specialists offer their assistance in building a unique strategic plan for a customer’s farm, which covers the full scope of marketing matters, from looking for the most profitable contracts to cash bidding.

Partnership and cooperation

CVA is continuously looking for new opportunities and benefits for their members. For example:

  • The Cooperative Finance Association offers financing programs available at special rates for Central Valley Ag products and services.
  • Land O’Lakes partnered with Gravie Administrative Services LLC to provide cost-friendly healthcare options for Central Valley Ag members.
  • Last year, CVA dispersed $12 million in patronage to member-owners, with 33% paid in cash and the remaining balance in Non-Qualified Equity.

Crop Monitoring solutions for Central Valley Ag

  • Accurate satellite data and real-time reporting will help to identify risks in advance and to receive detailed prescriptions for a particular field.
  • Assessment of the development of crops based on the indices NDVI, ReCI, MSAVI, as well as NDRE.
  • Map differential fertilization using the zoning tool.
  • High-precision calculation of the state of vegetation when using a cloud mask.