Agtegra Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers

Agtegra Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers - QUICK REVIEW

Agtegra Cooperative is a farmer-owned agribusiness committed to providing agronomy, grain, energy, and feed products and services. Agtegra has more than 60 locations and creates jobs for more than 900 employees in eastern North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The cooperative also promotes innovative farming solutions, offering its member and non-member customers aerial application services, precision ag hardware and software, and more.

The principal values which guide the Agtegra Co-op are developing sustainability in agriculture through implementing the latest innovations in technology and science while helping farmers to produce safe and healthy products to succeed in today’s volatile markets.

Enterprise size:

501-1,000 employees




Public Company


Farm Support Services



States Served:

2 (SD, ND)

Client base:

6,770 member-owners



Aberdeen, SD

Contact phone:



908 Lamont Street South Aberdeen, SD 57401, US

Area of Activity

Agtegra Cooperative is committed to giving its customers access to the best farming, energy, and feed products and services, as well as in-field assistance to maximize their yields. Thus, Agtegra Coop is an active supplier of:

  • Seed (Dekalb, Asgrow, Curry, NK, Croplan, and Credenz seed brands);
  • Fertilizer (liquid fertilizers, anhydrous ammonia, and micronutrients);
  • Crop protection products (herbicides, fungicides, adjuvants, and insecticides);
  • Propane, fuels, and lubricants (Cenex premium diesel fuels [Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster, and Cenex Roadmaster XL], a wide range of Cenex lubricants, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), gas blends [including E85, E20, E30, 10% ethanol, and unleaded], as well as bulk propane);
  • Animal nutrition products (products by partnering brands Purina and Dakotaland Feeds LLC, including feeds, salt, supplements, pet food, and animal health products);
  • Farm supplies and equipment (livestock equipment, including gates, feed bunks, continuous fence, chutes, working tubs, water tanks, posts, etc. farm machinery, and Traeger Grills).


Agtegra Cooperative implements ag technology to manage the nutrient life-cycle, identify problem areas, improve crop productivity, and returns on investment. The cooperative combines the experience of leading precision ag providers to create the unique Agtegra Ag Technology Program, and each of the tools used by Agtegra is focused on a specific task:

  • MZB logo

    MZB is a cloud-based precision software package for ag retailers. MZB helps growers work more closely with their team of advisors to provide variable-rate fertility prescriptions as well as multi-hybrid or variable rate seed prescriptions.

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  • Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView logo

    Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView is the first of its kind to enable farmers to easily access a wide range of interconnected tools, services, and data.

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  • R7 Tool logo

    R7 Tool is a field monitoring tool that combines more than 20 years of satellite imagery with local seed and crop protection data to generate field performance information to help match crop inputs to the potential of each acre.

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  • EOS Crop Monitoring logo

    Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment.

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The Agtegra Innovation Center provides equipment upgrades, parts, and on-farm service. The technicians of the Innovation Center provide on-site consultations and comprehensive support, including data retrieval and analysis, sales, installation, and training on new precision ag products.

Products, services and solutions

Services, branches of activity, specializations of Agtegra Cooperative:

Agronomy products and services

Agtegra Coop operates more than 40 agronomy locations offering agronomy resources, custom application, and crop protection services.

The cooperative’s Prescription Agronomics project helps producers to improve their yields, provide timely crop nutrient solutions for optimum crop nutrition, and the Agtegra fleet of aerial application equipment provides precision spraying and spread of nutrients.

Grain marketing assistance

The Agtegra Cooperative grain marketing specialists offer their assistance in managing the customer’s farm, covering the full scope of marketing matters, storage, logistics, risk management, etc.

Energy Division

The Agtegra Fuel business provides petroleum and energy products and services. The customer can order fuel in bulk, arrange for automated delivery, or fill the vehicle at one of the co-op locations.

Agtegra Cooperative also maintains a full-service shop that provides repair and service on vehicles, engines, and ag equipment.


Agtegra Cooperative is continuously looking for new opportunities for its members and making mutually beneficial partnerships in the field of grain, energy, finance, etc.:

  • In 2019, to strengthen the co-op’s Energy Division, Agtegra purchased North Star Energy, LLC (NSE), a propane business serving customers in North Dakota and South Dakota which was previously owned equally by three partners, one of which was Agtegra Cooperative.
  • Partnering with Calyxt, Agtegra Cooperative provides distribution, storage, and transportation services for Calyxt High Oleic Soybean, also being the only farmer cooperative that can offer its customers the option to grow Calyxt soybeans.
  • To provide the members of the cooperative with attractive interest rates, input lines of credit, easy-to-arrange financing, and other financing options to fit the specific crop production needs, Agtegra Cooperative partners with the Cooperative Finance Association (CFA), John Deere Financial, Rabo Agrifinance, WinField Secure, and TruChoice.


  • Satellite imagery which grants the ability to monitor and analyze the changes in the state of the field, and identify potential problems with vegetation.
  • Identification of fertilizer application zones and prescription of optimal sowing dates using the zoning tool.
  • Planning fertilizer applications considering the potential weather risks for the given field.
  • Assessment of crop development based on the NDVI, RECI, MSAVI, and / or NDRE index, with the ability to select a specific index for the current stage of crop’s growth.