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    Agtegra Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers
    Agtegra Cooperative is a farmer-owned agribusiness committed to providing agronomy, grain, energy, and feed products and services. Agtegra has more than 60 locations and creates jobs for more than 900 employees in eastern North Dakota, and South Dakota.
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    Aurora Cooperative logo
    Aurora Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers
    Aurora Cooperative Elevator Company is an agricultural cooperative company with more than 100 years of experience. Although the majority of the Aurora locations are based in Nebraska, the co-op also serves clients in Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, and Maryland.
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    Central Valley Ag logo
    Central Valley Ag: An Insight For Farmers
    Central Valley Ag is an agricultural cooperative focused on grain, feed, and energy, which has 90 locations across Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.
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    Ceres Solutions Cooperative logo
    Ceres Solutions Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers
    Ceres Solutions Cooperative is a farmer-owned supply and service cooperative that helps its members to improve product and service quality while reducing risks. It also meets the needs of more than 40,000 customers in 35 counties across the states of Indiana and Michigan.
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    Co-Alliance LLP logo
    Co-Alliance Cooperative: An Insight For Farmers
    Co-Alliance LLP is a member-owned cooperative focused on innovative solutions in agronomy, grain marketing, energy, and swine/animal feed that serves its members and non-member clients across Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan.
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    Cooperative Producers, Inc. logo
    Cooperative Producers, Inc.: An Insight For Farmers
    Cooperative Producers, Inc. is a farmer-owned cooperative in South Central Nebraska focused on grain, feed, energy, as well as agronomy products.
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    Foremost Farms USA logo
    Foremost Farms USA: An Insight For Farmers
    Foremost Farms USA is a farmer-owned dairy cooperative headquartered in Wisconsin focused on producing cheese, butter, and whey ingredients.
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    Frenchman Valley Co-op logo
    Frenchman Valley Co-Op: An Insight For Farmers
    Frenchman Valley Co-op is the 6th largest Nebraska cooperative with over 20 locations both in Nebraska and the four neighboring states.
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