Modified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index

What is Modified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index (MSAVI)?

The modified soil-adjusted vegetation index (MSAVI) is a vegetation index, which is used to lift limits on applying NDVI to the areas with a high composition of bare soil. MSAVI is used in the areas where indices like NDVI or NDRE provide invalid data, mostly due to a small amount of vegetation, or due to a lack of chlorophyll therein. Thus, the index is used to minimize the soil background influence and to increase the dynamic range of vegetation signal.

How is MSAVI used?

In the fields where plants have just been sown, other indices would fail to obtain accurate data and, as a result, would mislead the farmer; there may be no possibility of proper field treatment. MSAVI, in turn, allows for the monitoring of crop conditions at their earliest developmental stages, as it is specifically designed for this purpose. Thus, the farmer has some early opportunities to apply fertilizers only where and when it is required. This approach allows for optimizing initial field management from the ground up, resulting in the enhancement of profit and the reduction of environmental impact. To understand how this index works, let’s consider the sample data below:

Modified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index

Modified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index

[MSAVI sample] This field has recently been sown with winter wheat. From the color dispersion, it becomes clear that the field was seeded unevenly. It would be impossible to detect such unevenness with another index.

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