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Advanced digital agro-platform for effective farm management

What we do

We use real-time insights from satellite data to help you make reliable decisions and get the most out of the way you run your farm

How we help

Optimize inputs to maximize profits with field health monitoring, climate impact analysis, fertility management and crop yields modeling tools at one Platform

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mobile and desktop

Field crops zoning

  • Have your crops classified
  • Get your field crops zoning map
  • Keep an ear to the ground as the map is updated all the year round

Field state monitoring

  • Keep all the field records at one place
  • Overview the crop rotation data
  • Get a real-time field state report

Field state modeling

  • Crop growth phases identification
  • Crop yield prediction
  • Optimize fertilizer application rate

Weather risk management

  • Winter kill
  • Сold shocks warning
  • Hot shocks warning

Climate impact analysis

  • Require a field health and yield capacity analysis (within the maximum area of 6.5km x 6.5 km) based on historical weather database
  • Get a five-day weather forecast (6.5km x 6.5 km maximum)
  • The sum of active temperatures

Healthy field trend development

  • Application of the NDVI, EVI, SAVI, ARVI, GCI, NDWI vegetation indices
  • NDVI analysis, based on historical data
  • Development of NDVI trend for a specific region
  • Time series NDVI analysis


  • Task management (setting, tracking and getting results in the form of reports)
  • Task synchronization (setting tasks from both the mobile application and the web version)
  • Ability to share comments and photos within the task
  • An option to add tags and filter tasks by the tags

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How it works

For farming

  • Web-based and mobile technology farm management
  • Crops development observation
  • Weather monitoring
  • Field works planning
  • Field losses prevention
  • Harvest prediciton
  • Reporting on results

For insurance

  • Access to historical climate/weather data
  • Farming record keeping
  • Weather risk assessment
  • Crop yields prediction
  • Land use monitoring
  • Field’s vegetation assessment based on historical data

For trading

  • Regions attractiveness assessment in the context of agro-products delivery
  • Daily weather conditions monitoring for risk prevention management
  • Logistics spending plan
  • Crop yields prediction (surplus and losses analysis, export & import statistics)
  • Crops growth and crop yields prediction conditions monitoring
  • Land use efficiency monitoring
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Bring a wide range of high-quality analytics from Agro-API to farmers and easily integrate it into any ERP product
Easily integrated
Integration of satellite data and simulated agro-indicators for the field into any agro-software
Highly scalable
Instant access to daily updated remote sensing agro-data across the Globe
Optimizing specific analytical flow and connecting API to other agro tools
Satellite-driven data

Satellite-driven data

  • Obtaining satellite data for the field with the ability to visualize and filter it (data source/cloudiness/acquisition date) on the map
  • Satellite data processing with the help of machine learning technologies to extract valuable information for timely actions
  • Integration of satellite agro-data analytics into other agro-software to get a full range of specific analytics for reliable farming decisions
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Field condition maps

Field condition maps

  • Vegetation indices analytics for the field
  • VI analytics based on historical data
  • The indices currently available: NDVI, EVI, SAVI ,ARVI, GCI, NDWI
  • Healthy field trend development
  • Land use efficiency analysis (crop types interpretation, land cover classification, fields contours map)
  • Crop yields prediction with regard to (weather data, fertility map, crop growth phases, high-accuracy digital elevation map, bioproductivity modeling)
  • Soil moisture analysis (soil type classification, irrigation planning)
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Weather data

Weather data

  • Daily updated meteorological data forecast to make the correction in the field works plan Indicators: precipitation, air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, snow depth. Available resolution: 6.5х6.5 km
  • Access to archive of historical meteorological data to analyze the impact of weather conditions on the health and yield of the field
    Indicators: precipitation, air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, snow depth
  • Analysis of "critical" weather conditions for crops to prevent harvest losses
    Winter kill - a critical temperature at which winter crops die

    Cold shocks index - the number of days in the spring when the temperature is below -6 to analyze the impact of cold shock and assess the damage to early crops from frost

    Heat shocks index - the number of days with temperatures above +30 when the growth of the crops slows down to assess the damage to crops from heat stress
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