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Monitor the state of your crops right from the office, learn about the slightest changes on-the-spot, make fast and reliable decisions on field treatment

How we help agrarians

How we help agrarians

We help farmers to speed up the decision-making process. With the help of satellite monitoring, the system notifies its users of critical changes in vegetation, sends real-time weather risks alerts, and automates the prioritization process within the field work planning tasks. The tool identifies problem areas remotely, thus significantly saving time and money. As a result, all of these capabilities ensure that you won’t miss any important stages of field treatment and respond to any changes in a timely manner.

How It Works

Our main task is to conveniently combine all of the information about your fields in one place, to identify and draw the farmers attention to problem areas. To achieve this, we collect data from different sources - satellite images, weather data, soil types, vegetation maps, among others - and supplement it with our own developments. After having analyzed the obtained data, the system notifies the user of potential risks and changes, enabling field-zoning and proper field treatment, as well as yield prediction. In the long run, the system allows for optimal resource utilization and effective decision-making.

How It Works
Who We Are

Who We Are

An online platform specialized in collecting, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data from satellites, using both common types of algorithms and our own. We extract and share valuable insights with the users to help them quickly respond to any changes and effectively tackle real business problems. So far, we have implemented our own agricultural projects on field monitoring, crop classification maps creation, soil types and soil moisture identification, and crop yields forecasting. We have done so under the World Bank programs for governmental and non-governmental entities in the USA, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, as well as in Brazil and Argentina.

Key Functions

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    • New images of your fields have been added (the notification contains information about the changes in vegetation values of the field and automatically outlines problem areas you should focus on)
    • Abnormal changes in the values of vegetation indices (currently available: NDVI, CCCL, NDRE, MSAVI)
    • Accurate weather forecast up to 15 days and weather alerts:
      • “Cold stress” alert (the index is determined by the number of days in the spring when the temperature is below (-6))
      • “Heat stress“ alert (the number of days with the temperatures above (+30) when the growth of the crops slows down)
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    Weather data
    • Daily updated weather forecasts (precipitation, air temperature, the sum of active temperatures, air humidity, wind speed, snow cover). Maximum available resolution: 6.5 х 6.5 km
    • Access to the historical weather data archive (precipitation, air temperature, humidity level, wind speed, snow cover)
    • Analysis of "critical" weather conditions for crops to prevent harvest losses
    • Detailed soil moisture mapping
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    Satellite monitoring and analytics
    • Convenient automated monitoring of a large number of fields
    • Vegetation dynamics based on the relevant VI (vegetation indices) over a period of 5 years
    • Improved cloud mask
    • Water stress detection
    • Up-to-date information on the current stage of crop growth
    • Access to crop rotation data of the field and of the given culture
    • Detailed soil type mapping
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    • Productivity map
    • Flexibility for the customization of zoning setting
    • Fertilizer application map
    • Optimal sowing dates determination
    • Fertilizer application recommendations
    • Data support for terminals of top farming machinery manufacturers

How it works

For farmers

  • The fastest way to learn about whatever changes in the state of the fields
  • Access to historical data on vegetation in the selected area
  • Accurate weather forecasts
  • Prioritization of field work
  • Weather risk alerts
  • Recommendations on planting time and crop selection
  • Relevant vegetation indices for each stage of the crop growth
  • Crop yield prediction
  • Effective identification of the productivity zones to cut off costs and optimize resources:
    • Identifying the zones with different vegetation levels for better informed decisions on the individual treatment of each zone
    • Field zoning for the effective agrochemical application
    • Identification of the productivity zones to reduce the expenditures during the soil testing and smart planning of the sowing campaigns

For insurance

  • Access to historical data on vegetation, crop rotation, climate/weather data to decide on the payment of insurance
  • Assessment of the risk portfolio for appropriate mitigation decisions
  • Measurement of soil moisture using satellite data to decide on the index-based insurance
  • Assessment of current and historical vegetation
  • Comparative analysis of data at the field and district level for a more accurate assessment of conditions in a given area
  • Quick and qualitative settlement of the damage assessment claims using satellite data
  • Fast and quality appraisal of damage based on satellite data to make decisions on payment of insurance

For agrotrading

  • Accurate estimation of the planting acreage at the region/district/city level
  • Daily weather monitoring to prevent associated
  • Сrop yield predictions at the regional level by its main crops
  • Weather risk predictions
  • Planting/harvesting monitoring
  • Qualitative risk assessment based on your fields data analysis
  • Identification of productivity zones based on current and historical data
  • Notifications about changes in the forecast and the detection of the situations that require a special focus

EOS Crop Monitoring API

Thanks to the EOS Crop Monitoring Agro-API, we can provide access to a wide selection of analytical tools that are easy to integrate into any product.

Easy integration into other Products
Satellite data and simulated field productivity indicators are easily integrated into any agro software.
Speed ​​and Data Availability
You get instant access to the daily updated agro-data that is retrieved via remote sensing and modeling around the globe.
Efficiency (COP)
Optimization of the data analysis process and connecting the API to other agro-tools.
Scouting and reporting
Set, prioritize, synchronize and track the performance of your tasks in the office or in the field.

The Scouting module allows you to set tasks directly in the Crop Monitoring system. And it works like this: you indicate the GPS coordinates of the field and add a description to the task. The Scout task then gets sent directly to the mobile application. As soon as the task has been opened in the application, it is marked as a point in the field. An expert arrives at the field, takes pictures, and adds feedback to the system on the state of the crops. All of the data gets saved, and, as soon as the Internet access is available, the information is loaded by default so you could continue working offline. You can track the tasks performance in the system and share the notes with your colleagues. The results can be downloaded as an Excel file.

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We offer commercial imagery with a resolution of (~0.5 -1.5 m/pxl) as a stand-alone data-source for analytics. This data is capable of delivering a high level of detail with high revisit times while simultaneously providing users with the latest and most accurate information for the most reliable results.

The higher the resolution and the frequency are, the more precise the result of data analytics is. It enables the user to accurately and in a timely manner detect problematic areas, smartly apply fertilizer, control pests and do many other important things to effectively manage fields.

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Crop Monitoring enables diverse agribusiness - cooperatives, agro-traders, seed producers, agro-consultants, insurers, software developers, among others - to benefit from the constantly growing agro-market. Based on satellite technologies, an advanced agro-Platform is capable of monitoring the state of any field remotely, thus allowing customers to make fast and appropriate decisions, and increase their profits. Focused on delivering high-quality analytics, Crop Monitoring offers its distributors and dealers a unique opportunity to increase both customer loyalty and retention. By joining our partners programs you are guaranteed access to a full stack of effective tools designed to increase benefits, expert support, and full API documentation.

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