Control the state of your fields using satellite monitoring

Who will benefit from EOS Crop Monitoring?


Analyze your field condition to boost crop yields

  • Crop development trends and analytics through NDVI, ReCl, NDRE, CCCl, MSAVI
  • Relevant satellite data and real-time reporting
  • Timely weather forecasts and risk alerts
  • Complete access to fields’ historical data
  • Data analytics on any growing season
  • Cloud masks for precise NDVI calculation, exclusively developed by our science team
  • View the crop development graphs based on satellite imagery

Get versed in the historical data and reduce the insurance risks

  • Full access to the weather database and climate map
  • Forecasting "critical" weather conditions and assessing risks
  • Evaluation of field vegetation through the years
  • Verification of the actual acreage planted
  • Lower scouting expenditures

Ensure the efficient delivery of agri-products and high returns

  • “Critical” weather conditions monitoring (winter kill, cold shock index, heat shock index)
  • Planning of logistics expenses
  • Comparison of harvest development with the average for the area and culture
  • Analysis of crop growth conditions
  • Lower scouting expenditures
  • Verification of the actual acreage planted, with crop identification and detailing at the district level

Improve your decision-making process by using top-end satellite data

  • Comparison of soil fertility
  • Quality farm operation with in-depth crop management
  • “Critical” weather conditions monitoring (winter kill, cold shock index, heat shock index)
  • Targeted scouting trips to increase accuracy and save resources
  • Verification of the actual acreage planted
  • Timely and regular crop status analytics

Estimate field area and assess risks for efficient expense planning

  • Verification of the actual acreage planted
  • Satellite imagery analytics to prevent crop losses
  • “Critical” weather conditions monitoring (winter kill, cold shock index, heat shock index)
  • Harvest prediction (export & import statistics, analysis of losses and surplus)
  • Timely and regular crop status analytics
  • Lower scouting expenditures
Software developers

Automate data processing/storage and benefit from insightful reporting

  • Seamless integration with any third-party agro software
  • Secure storage for all statistics and analytics
  • Multilingual application and client support
  • Highly scalable API
  • In-depth satellite imagery reports in a single place

Key benefits


Александр Муха
Konstantin Nindziev
Vice President of Corporate Business
The EOS Crop Monitoring toolkit has allowed us to optimize the insurance process for farmers. First of all, it is now easier to estimate the field area. High-quality images reflect the current state of the field, which allows us to manage the surveyor routes and reduce field trip expenditures. A system of risk alerts is also convenient: it is now possible to react immediately by sending a surveyor to a critical danger point. All information on each field is stored in a database so that you can view reports at any time.
Александр Муха
Max Shchekoldin
Risk Analyst
EOS Crop Monitoring system is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any risk specialist. It is vital to understanding the overall situation in the region, both in general and broken down by crops, since it facilitates analysis of a potential supplier. The ability to continuously monitor field condition via satellite allows us to quickly detect any prospective problems with a contractor’s yield and – most importantly – respond to them swiftly.