Wilting plants monitoring

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Objective Determination of crop death using the NDVI spectral index


As an instrument designed for use in remote satellite detection, NDVI has become an inherent part of precision agriculture due to the insights it provides. NDVI offers valuable information on crop yields, vegetation content, amount of wilting plants, crop classification, and even plant health.

Putting it into practice with Crop Monitoring

The farmer employs an online monitoring tool for recently sown fields in order to make proper decisions on field treatment without directly attending the fields. To achieve this goal, he constantly applies the NDVI spectral index. As a result, clear plant vegetation disturbances were detected immediately after they appeared.

Wilting plants monitoring

NDVI won’t provide the farmer with an answer about what exactly happened to the crops. There could be dozens of reasons why plants are wilting: nutritional deficiencies, plant diseases, pests, hail damage, irrigation disturbances, and so on. Regardless of the cause, NDVI will draw the farmer’s attention to the problems that have been encountered. Subsequently, he can quickly deploy field teams to examine specific problem areas, allowing them to define problems more effectively rather than spending time and resources prowling the entire field searching for answers.

In Crop Monitoring, the NDVI index value correlates with weather, precipitation, and temperature, providing even more valuable insights.

Following the examination of problem areas, the farmer can act accordingly. He spends less time and resources while getting as much, or even better, insight than using traditional agricultural methods. Moreover, the assessment can be conducted from a historical perspective, since Crop Monitoring allows you to browse the entire history of your fields development using the NDVI index. When the job is done, all of the results can be saved in .shp format.

Crop Monitoring provides flexible configurations of index change notifications

In the event that the user knows what kind of NDVI value is critical for his fields, Crop Monitoring notifies him when the index reaches such values. Thus, the user does not have to be online around the clock, all crucial changes will be detected and immediately sent to him by email.


In summary, the user receives such benefits as:

  • Monitoring of field conditions without attending the field
  • Timely detection of wilting plants
  • Field condition notifications