Terrain Tiles Satellite Images

Terrain tiles is a global dataset that provides basemap elevation coverage, which is tiled for easy usage. The tiles are available in different output layouts, enhanced for multiple use cases. They facilitate efficient editing and retrieval of the terrain data. The data are supported and associated with rules that help in organization and control of how features are used to define the surface. The quality of the data depends on the developer’s techniques. These datasets are usually derived from sources like photogrammetry, sonar and LIDAR data.

Place-Based design projects benefit from representation and understanding of the local terrain. The terrain data is easy to collect and convert into helpful representations that can be utilized in GIS and 3D modeling and CAD formats.

The 3D terrain data collected largely contribute to GIS applications in the 3D Visualization World. This is because of the new emergence of geographical browsers, for instance, Google, which has become extensively popular among others. The fact that 3D representation tools are available has led to the demand of 3D terrain visualization.

With the GIS application in all walks of life, and further growth of the computer graphics, 3D technology, and computer science, people are more required to deal with the GIS hitches from 2D map to 3D. The 3D terrain data not only ended the 2D limits of the spatial data display in GIS, but also the data expression and analysis offering a 3D graphic effect, and can provide more Instinctive show and decision support for the Industry and popularization application. The 3D terrain data usually consists of satellite image or aerial photos and Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

In a large-scale application of the 3D terrain data to effectively organize and manage the mass geographic data, has remained to be one of the hotspots and emphases at the 3D GIS field. 3D GIS attains stereo visualization of the geographical data based on the traditional 2D GIS, not only requires the system with a 3D display outstanding performance, but also the ability to organize and store large geographic data. Terrain tiles help in management and organization of the geographic data used in GIS. It helps in verification of the viability of the 3D GIS application scheme in geological disaster monitoring and provides a solution for massive data organization in 3D GIS.

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