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Satellite Image of Florida

Satellite Image of Florida
28.46447°N 82.63126°W
Sentinel 2
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  • Sentinel 2
Image Description

Florida, the sunny state, combines best features of megapolis – represented by census-designated place of Spring Hill, relaxed seafront retreat zone, shown as Hernando beach as well as outstanding green forests and lakes areas called Weeki Wachee Gardens  located right in the center of the image.

Florida region has always been a subject to natural disasters such as hurricanes and forest wildfires,  that’s the reason why the close proximity of some cities to the seafront as Hernando Beach or to forest lands, like Weeki Wachee Hills can lead to serious consequences. On the imagery, taken with Sentinel – 2 satellite on May 4, 2018 is clearly seen how far the urban development has  gone in ignoring the nature warnings.

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