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High-Resolution Images Are Close As Never Before

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High-resolution imagery from a trusted provider has always been of a great demand due to the highest detail and accuracy it offers as well as an unlimited scope of the fields it could be applied. One could hardly find a better source of data when it comes to an in-depth analysis of the area, as it provides an unrivaled frequency and enhanced characteristics.

It’s difficult to overestimate the value of high-resolution images in Intelligence, Construction, Emergency and Farm management among other applied fields. But what if there is no need for deep analysis and the key aim is to get an update on the area of interest? To follow up the construction development process, to check the harvesting stage or detect a post-disaster change after a flood or an earthquake?

Until now to get high-quality data, fitting all of the above, you had to purchase high-resolution imagery, wait 1-3 business days for it to be delivered to your account and be in charge of its further processing. The satellite imagery obtaining process is still an extremely cost-intensive technology, therefore the price has always been quite impressive.

High-Quality Data Sources Available In LandViewer

To make using high-resolution data affordable for many business cases, LandViewer has designed a feature, which allows for viewing imagery in Browser, skipping the download and viewing it on the map just for 0.7 for one tile. Sounds great, right? Stay tuned, we will tell you more.

To deliver the latest and the most accurate data of your area of interest whenever you need, EOS has been cooperating with top world’s high-resolution satellite imagery providers: Airbus Defense and Space, SI Imaging Services, SpaceWill, 21A. This cooperation results in an ultimate data source for high-quality data from more than 18 satellites within 6 constellations with an average revisit time of 1-2 days max to any place of the globe.

Being preoccupied to make the process fast and user-friendly, LandViewer incorporates the collected data within one single platform, delivering the high-resolution images just at your fingertips.

To cover most of the users’ needs, the “view only” feature was designed as a separate data source making the imagery available and affordable for all kinds of applied fields. The standard option to purchase the imagery is also available, so let’s be precise and define the exact benefits for you in each case:

  • High-resolution imagery (for analytics) – a data source, which contains high-resolution imagery for an in-depth analysis, available for purchasing and downloading for further processing and analyzing. In this case, the price is based on the size of the intersection between the selected image and your area of interest (AOI). Once the image is paid, it will be delivered to your EOS Storage account within 1-3 days.

    Bundle or pan-sharpened imagery is provided in GeoTIFF format with the resolution between 0,3m to 1.5m from the following satellites: SIIS (KOMPSAT 2/3/3-A), AirBus (Pleiades 1a/1b, SPOT 5/ 6/7), SpaceWill (SuperView 1a/1b/1c/1d, Gaofen 1/2, -Ziyuan 3), 21AT (TripleSat 1/2/3).

high-resolution imagery for analytics from LandViewer

  • High-resolution imagery (view only) – a separate data source, which contains the imagery, applicable in case you only need to monitor the area of interest (AOI) without downloading the image for an in-depth analysis. The price for viewing is based on the number of tiles within your AOI. One tile costs just 0.7$ and the image will be available on the map right after the purchase. Images are delivered in Jpeg (“rgb composite”) format with a resolution between 30-40 cm from DigitalGlobe (WorldView 2, 3, 4, GeoEye 1) satellites.

high-resolution imagery view only from LandViewer

Why Use The High-Resolution (View Only)?

The key advantage of the source is that It provides the latest data on your AOI without purchasing quite expensive high-resolution imagery. To be more precise, you are able to monitor your area of interest whenever you need and pay just for viewing. In this case, you get commercial imagery with a resolution of 30-40 cm (1 pixel represents 30-40cm of the surface), the same frequency as high-resolution imagery (for analytics), affordable price and time-saving algorithm of obtaining it.

How To Launch The Feature?

You will be surprised at how fast and easy the process is. First, you need to set your AOI: you can find the location, using the search box, upload or draw it on the map with the set of drawing tools.

setting AOI on LandViewer

Based on the selected AOI, LandViewer will define a number of tiles you will pay for. We have added one demo AOI with the list of high-res images related to it so that you can test the feature before managing your own area of interest.

high-res images related to selected AOI

Hover over the preview card and check metadata of the image to reconfirm the selected scene suits your use-case best.

metadata of the selected image

Confirm viewing and check detailed info on the number of tiles, the price per one and the total charge in the payment pop-up. The payment process is simple, so your account will be charged once for the total amount. Once the payment has been processed, the selected image will be displayed on the map. Easy, right?

satellite view of the selected image

Get Even More With LandViewer

On top of all the features of commercial high-res imagery now available in LandViewer, we are ready to offer some add-ons:

  • No need to pay twice as all the paid images previously selected for viewing are saved in “Free available (view only”)” tab.
  • No limits for size and resolution of AOI’s. They are saved and available in “My AOI” tab by default.

EOS Crop Monitoring

Performing fields analytics based on relevant satellite data to ensure effective decision-making!

Most Frequent Applications In Practice

Use Case 1 – New Havalimanı Airport In Istanbul

Objective: Track construction progress

Description: Due to the inability of increasing passenger traffic in existing Istanbul airports, it was decided to build a new one. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 7 June 2014, but the construction started in May 2015. The airport was open in October 2019 and all scheduled flights were transferred here in April 2019. Havalimanı airport is located in the Arnavutköy district of Istanbul.

Result: The service offers a capability to visualize and to detect changes in the construction process as well as to define the dynamics of such changes. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective and time-saving solution as you don’t need to involve experts for monitoring of the construction sites.

The start of the construction process, May 2015

New Havalimanı Airport in Istanbul, May 2015

October, 2019

New Havalimanı Airport in Istanbul, October, 2019

April, 2019

New Havalimanı Airport in Istanbul, April, 2019

Change Detection visualization

New Havalimanı Airport in Istanbul, change detection visualization

Use Case 2 – Notre Dame De Paris On Fire

Objective: Pre-assess damage

Description: On April 15, 2019, the breaking news appeared on every channel of the world – the most well-known cathedral in Paris was caught on fire. The fire in Notre Dame started late in the evening and the fire brigade managed to extinguish it only the next day due to a complicated construction of the cathedral. The cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown.

Result: The service allows you to assess the damage caused by man-made and natural disasters fast and timely, comparing the pre- and post-disaster images.

Pre-disaster image

Notre Dame De Paris pre-disaster image

Post-disaster image

Notre Dame De Paris post-disaster image

Change Detection visualization

Notre Dame De Paris change detection visualization

So, whatever kind of business you are dealing with, whenever you need the information to be obtained, we are always ready to provide you with the most suitable option. Purchase high-resolution imagery from top providers or view the AOI in Browser for a song – LandViewer will always deliver the best possible.

Check LandViewer’s step-by-step user-guide to find the detailed instructions on how to work with high-resolution (view only) or feel free to email us at support@eos.com