Field Leaderboard

A user-friendly notification customization feature

Get notified about the most pressing issues at hand. The fields with the latest most critical NDVI changes are brought to the top of the list. Sort your fields according to the crop, group, area, location, index value change, current index value, and image date. Get a preview of the field right in the leaderboard. Don’t waste your attention, stay focused and take good care of your crops.

New images of your fields have been added

Get updated regularly on the state of your crops, according to their VI value change. Keep a firm grip on your fields and, as a result, increase yields and revenue.

Leaderboard: sort + download

On the leaderboard, fields can be sorted according to 9 different categories. Users can download the leaderboard as a spreadsheet in .xls or .pdf.

Sort field

Abnormal vegetation index change

Customize a threshold NDVI change value and get notified about any abnormal difference. Make better informed decisions, increase yields and revenue.

Coming Soon

We believe that automated agriculture is the future. All kinds of software, digital platforms, applications will collect the field data. The programs will be doing all the work for the people. Apps will analyze the data and engage in the decision-making process. We are already building a system like that.
Coming Soon

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