webinar about responding to environmental risks with space tech
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Duration:1 hour 20 minutesLanguage:English

Greenpeace And EOSDA – A Road To Sustainable Future

On October 17, 2023, EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, and Greenpeace held a free webinar showcasing how satellite technologies can help people respond to natural disasters more quickly and efficiently.

The webinar was focused on EOSDA LandViewer and its use by Greenpeace in responding to environmental risks arising from climate change.

Watch the webinar revealing how space technologies are used to address global environmental challenges with EOS Data Analytics and Greenpeace.

To access the presentation, follow the link.

Current EOSDA clients and partners, logging companies, GIS specialists and researchers, insurance providers, banking and loan institutions, investment and educational communities, environmental organizations, and government entities were present at this event.

The following speakers had been presenting during the webinar:

  • Wu Hao, Senior Researcher at Greenpeace East Asia
  • Lidiia Lelechenko, Sales Executive at EOS Data Analytics
  • Viktoriia Troian, EOSDA LandViewer Product Manager
  • Vera Petryk, CMO at EOS Data Analytics

Kicking off the webinar, Lidiia Lelechenko, Sales Executive at EOSDA, delved into the company’s journey since its inception in 2015. Founded by Max Polyakov, EOS Data Analytics has evolved into a pioneering firm, developing unique deep learning models and even launching its own satellite constellation.

The spotlight then turned to Viktoriia Troian, EOSDA LandViewer Product Manager. She presented EOSDA LandViewer, a robust tool that offers a plethora of features for satellite imagery analytics. From on-the-fly searching, visualizing, and processing of data to deep time series analysis, EOSDA LandViewer is designed to address real-world challenges across various verticals by providing imagery from multiple satellites and applying analytics on top for meaningful findings.

EOSDA LandViewer is a comprehensive analytics platform that adapts to the unique needs of businesses across sectors. Whether it’s agriculture, forestry, or disaster management, our tool offers tailored solutions that drive actionable insights.

Wu Hao from Greenpeace took the stage to discuss the escalating environmental risks due to climate change. Citing recent natural disasters like the forest fire in Ujin, South Korea, and floods in Henan, China, he emphasized the role of multi-sourced remote sensing in quick decision-making. Features like the comparison slider and change detection in EOSDA LandViewer are particularly useful in such scenarios.

The power of multi-sourced remote sensing lies in its guaranteed ability to provide a complete view of any situation. With EOSDA LandViewer, businesses can integrate data from multiple satellites, creating a more robust and reliable decision-making framework.

The tool’s versatility was further highlighted through its ability to change band combinations, aiding in the identification of areas affected by fire. Moreover, its Time Series Analysis feature provides a comprehensive view of the aftermath of natural disasters, including floods, and can even assess their long-term impact on agriculture.

Vera Petryk, Chief Marketing Officer at EOSDA, then elaborated on how EOSDA LandViewer aids in crafting sustainable business strategies across diverse industries. The company’s alignment with 10 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals serves as a guiding framework for its initiatives. EOS Data Analytics further amplifies its commitment to sustainability through its Stories of Impact, which showcase how modern satellite technologies can be used to help address major environmental issues.

Our solutions are designed with a dual focus: business efficiency and environmental responsibility. By aligning with UN SDGs, we ensure that our technologies not only solve immediate business challenges but also contribute to long-term sustainability goals.

Vera Petryk also unveiled the company’s Academic Outreach Program, aimed at fostering research and innovation by providing access to the company’s AI-powered geospatial data analytics tools.

Closing the session, Lidiia Lelechenko introduced EOS SAT, the world’s first agriculture-focused satellite constellation among remote sensing companies. This independent satellite ecosystem promises to deliver even higher-quality and more accurate business insights. The first satellite is already operational, and six more are slated to join the constellation in the coming years.

The webinar wrapped up with an engaging Q&A session, leaving attendees enriched with invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities.