Webinar about sustainable agriculture and ways to incorporate it with AWS and EOSDA solutions
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Duration:1 hour 27 minutesLanguage:English

Drive Sustainable Agriculture With EOSDA Solutions Built On AWS

On April 27, 2023, EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) held a free webinar dedicated to cloud-based technologies and satellite data analytics and their role in promoting and adopting sustainable agriculture practices.

The webinar was focused on the ways AWS and EOSDA’s satellite imagery analytics can be utilized for geospatial and agricultural activities.

Watch the webinar on modern solutions for sustainable agriculture hosted by EOSDA.

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Agribusinesses, industry experts, and GIS and space enthusiasts attended this online event. The following speakers had been presenting during the webinar:

  • Rim Elijah, VP of Sales at EOS Data Analytics
  • Phil Cooper, Global Geospatial Sales Lead at AWS
  • Brijesh Thoppil, Strategic Partnerships Lead at EOS Data Analytics

Cloud services and remote sensing technologies are paramount in adopting sustainable agriculture practices, as they offer exceptional efficiency and precision in monitoring and managing agricultural resources.

By harnessing cloud computing’s processing power and data storage capabilities, agriculture businesses can access, analyze, and share vast amounts of satellite data, leading to optimized resource use and improved yields. Combined with remote sensing technology, this empowers farmers and researchers to make informed decisions on crop management and cultivation practices, ultimately addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable agricultural practices for long-term food security and minimized environmental impacts.

EOSDA solutions and services are tailored specifically to the needs of agriculture companies seeking to make their businesses more sustainable. Its existing SaaS products, custom agritech solutions on requests, and the EOS SAT constellation are all designed with this goal in mind. Such an approach has already helped the company to reach 970,000+ users around the world.

EOSDA’s satellite imagery analytics unlock unprecedented potential for the future of agriculture. Following our vision to make space tech a global driver of sustainability on Earth, we put efforts to revolutionize the way farmers, policymakers, and researchers approach crop monitoring, resource optimization, and environmental stewardship.

In keeping with global priorities, EOS Data Analytics brings the benefits of space with the sustainability priorities of the UN SDGs framework. Currently, the company aligns with 10 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and takes them as guidelines to make a positive impact on the environment.

To reveal the company’s expertise in that matter, Rim Elijah and Brijesh Thoppil presented a few cases revealing how EOSDA is able to help incorporate sustainable agriculture practices.

The next part of the webinar was dedicated to demonstrating how EOS Data Analytics utilizes Amazon Web Services technologies to enhance its AI-powered satellite imagery analytics capabilities and deliver significant benefits to agriculture businesses.

After joining the AWS Partner Network in November 2022, EOSDA became able to tap into AWS’ expertise in large-scale projects promoting sustainability, leading to more efficient deployment of their platforms and enhancing their ability to scale solutions.

With AWS, we’ve not only expanded our technical capabilities but also forged a strong collaboration driving innovation and growth in the satellite imagery analytics sector. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture practices globally.

AWS provides a robust and scalable infrastructure, enabling EOS Data Analytics to process, store, and manage vast amounts of satellite data effectively and efficiently. This ensures seamless integration of advanced analytics into the agricultural decision-making process, ultimately leading to optimized crop yields, reduced expenses, and improved environmental sustainability.

Key AWS services employed by EOSDA include EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS, AWS Autoscaling, CloudTrail, and Web Application Firewall. Through the utilization of these AWS services, EOSDA delivers powerful, secure, and reliable solutions for agriculture businesses, transforming the way they approach sustainable agriculture practices.

EOSDA solutions are also available on the AWS Marketplace.

In the final part of the webinar, Phil Cooper discussed AWS Aerospace and Satellite solutions and their impact on the burgeoning space industry. As the world ventures into a thrilling and bold new era of space exploration, cloud technologies play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of space-related endeavors. Among the key reasons for their indispensability are their ability to significantly reduce the cost of innovation and provide modernized infrastructure and processes, thereby empowering the industry to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

During his speech, AWS Global Geospatial Sales Lead emphasized that the company’s cutting-edge geospatial solutions are redefining the agricultural landscape and that AWS is proud to contribute to the widespread adoption of sustainable agriculture practices that ensure long-term food security and environmental sustainability.

To illustrate his statement, Phil Cooper elaborated on the AWS geospatial solutions and explained the prevailing trends in working with geospatial data. With it, agriculture becomes a data-rich industry allowing agribusinesses to do things that were earlier impossible like seed genetics optimization and hyper-localized decision-making. AWS also encourages individuals to train on cloud computing technologies in order to unlock the full potential of these advancements in the agricultural sector.