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Satellite Image of North Korea

Satellite Image of North Korea
38.38903°N 125.91568°E
Sentinel 2
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  • Sentinel 2
Image Description

Since North Korea is closed to the outer world, the information about the area beyond Pyongyang is based on the satellite images mostly. The image observed on July 30, 2018 by Sentinel-2 satellite displays North Hwanghae Province. In the top left of the imagery one can see the dark spot, showing Sariwon city and Taedong River – the second longest river in North Korea, used for the commercial shipping and river transport.

In the bottom of the image there is a Haeju city and partially Haeju Bay with access to the Yellow Sea. As can be clearly seen from the image, the area is mostly flat, not covered with forests and has no visible active agriculture zones.

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