EOS engine

EOS is a Platform-as-a-Service for the processing and application of earth observation analytics from satellite, aerial sensors, and drones. EOS Engine has a flexible, well-documented API, which makes it easy to integrate with most known systems. It is designed for developers and companies who want to build their own automated analytics on top of remote sensing imagery processing technologies.

EOS engine blurs the line between satellite images and business solutions

EOS Engine is a completely autonomous tool.
It allows to receive processed imagery or even analytical data 24/7. Cloud-based platform allows you to have access wherever you are. Data agnosticism allows to process any type of data you want, from separated drone shots to ultra-high resolution SAR imagery.

High scalable platform allows to provide solutions for each from 22 industry verticals, combining technologies and data sets to make them useful for end user.

Key features of the platform

  • Data agnostic
  • Scalability
  • Technologies
  • Prefabricated use cases library
  • Easy integration with third party systems
key features of platform
  • Data agnostic

    EOS Engine is compatible with any kind of input imagery, be it satellite optical or radar (SAR) images, aerial photographs or images obtained from drones. Our proprietary indexation technology, distributed storage of geospatial images and archive search engine solves the problem of re-using archive images, thereby reducing the cost of their acquisition.
  • Scalability

    EOS Engine is a cloud-based solution that allows the user to process a large amount of heavy geospatial imagery covering huge areas. The number of servers executing a particular client task is flexibly scaled and parallelized. Exceptional algorithms allow reliable collection of data processed in parallel into a single array that is suitable for visualization and analytics.
  • Technologies

    Our platform is flexible for processing remote sensing imageries on any scale and using any available method, applying a variety of different image processing technologies. EOS employs artificial intelligence technologies to extract the most valuable information and analysis from any remote sensing imagery.

EOS currently provides the following functionality

  • On-the-fly image processing

    • Imagery rendering
    • Spectral index calculation
    • Mosaicing
  • On demand image processing (Optical, SAR)

    • Neural network imagery processing
    • Change detection
    • 3D modeling
    • Mesh change detection
    • Land classification
    • Oil spill detection (SAR only)
    • Mapping of surface displacements (SAR only)
    • Creation of surface interferograms (SAR only)
  • Common

    • Upload, storage and access to imageries
    • Scene search with filters (Landsat and Sentinel full archive + uploaded imageries)
    • Coordinates(point, circle, polygon)
    • Date and time of shooting
    • Cloudiness
    • Sun elevation angle
    • Downloading of processed results

EOS engine Workbench

The EOS Workbench allows users to select from various data imagery sources, analytic operations, workflow, business rules, and geospatial operations and then instantly see the result of their query.

  • Web interface
  • Visualization
  • Processing
  • Workbench
  • File storage
  • Image directory
  • Share / collaborate
EOS Engine Workbanch

Neural Networks

new image “operations” methods
EOS Engine neural networks

EOS has determined that convolutional neural networks (CNN) provides an ideal method for developing earth observation analytics. Thus, EOS continues its research into the latest approaches in the field of neural networks and modern machine learning frameworks. EOS is optimizing methods for training and indexing of neural networks with each new use case.

Advancements and benefits

  • Huge data sets
  • Replacing algorithmic methods
  • Rapid solutions development

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