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A Free Webinar: Smart Farming Technologies In Africa

speakers on webinar

On July 01, EOS Data Analytics and AgroXchange Technology Services Ltd are to host a free webinar on boosting agritech in Africa.

EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, and AgroXchange Technology Services Ltd, a digital platform for farmers in Nigeria, will host a webinar to discuss how to accelerate the socio-economic well-being of smallholder farmers in Africa through smart farming technologies.

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With smallholder farming being currently on the rise in African countries, it is surprising how few of the farmers are willing to adopt modern precision agriculture practices and technologies into their daily lives.

The webinar focuses on the positive role of AI and machine learning in smallholding farming and will be useful for farmers as well as agritech, science, and environment enthusiasts.

Presenters will include:

  • EOSDA Director of Strategic Partnerships Rim Elijah
  • Amazon Web Services Head of Solution Architecture Clive Charlton
  • ArgoXchange CEO and GIS expert Adewale Adegoke
  • Precision Agriculture for Development Country Launch Manager Uzoamaka Ugochuchkwu
  • Department of Agriculture Technology, University Putra Malaysia (UPM) PhD-Associate Professor Siva Balasundram
speakers on the free webinar for smallholder farmers in Africa

During this webinar, presenters will discuss:

  • Agriculture in Africa and West Africa
  • Farming challenges and solutions in West Africa
  • Providing smallholder farmers with actionable insights via satellite data
  • Improving the livelihood and productivity of smallholder farmers using agritech
  • Precision Agriculture: A key enabler for digital disruption in agriculture
  • Opportunities in delivering results with digital agriculture
  • Earth Observation on AWS: leveraging cloud computing to create value from satellite data
  • Concept of EOSAgriSat, the first true agro-focused satellite constellation
  • Future vision on agriculture in Africa

We are happy to announce the first public webinar together with AgroXchange. Smart farming technologies are becoming one of the key growth drivers to boost the region’s smallholding farming business and take it to the next level. Our goal is to draw attention to the main challenges local farmers may face, and answer how tech boost will stimulate the production outputs. Let’s start with this event. Join!

Rim Elijah

Director of Strategic Partnerships at EOS Data Analytics

EOS Crop Monitoring

Fields analytics tool with access to high-resolution satellite images for remote problem areas identification!

Currently, AgroXchange aims to provide precision agriculture technologies to smallholder farmers in Nigeria:

Using digital technology and data to mitigate constraints in primary crop production and increase crop yield has been a challenge for me over time, and I’d say it’s a privilege to be a provider of solutions to challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Nigeria and by extension the rest of Subsaharan Africa. Our partnership with EOSDA aids our vision to strengthen food security in Nigeria while building local capacity in digital entrepreneurship, accelerating investment options in agriculture, and catalyzing the transformation of economic opportunities. This webinar seeks to address the constraints experienced by agripreneurs, sustainable and affordable solutions, agritech information farmers and managers need to be more productive in the agricultural sector.

Adewale Adegoke

CEO at AgroXchange

The free webinar will take place on Thursday, July 1, at 4 pm Nigeria time/5 pm CEST in English. The attendees are welcome to participate in a QA session after the event’s main part.

Registration is open

Information on how to access the webinar, along with the schedule, will be available after the registration. We’ll provide the registered users with the recording of the webinar.

Here you can find key takeaways of the webinar.