Problem area identification, vegetation variations across the field, allows users to adjust their sowing and fertilizer plans to the real needs of the crops with precision. Both money and effort can be saved by a proper plan of seed and fertilizer distribution across the field. Zoning is an indispensable tool for precision agriculture.

Zoning after
Zoning before change detection
New Features

Productivity map

Let the algorithm show you which areas of the field are more productive and which are less. Treat individual areas according to their productivity potential, thus automatically increasing the field’s total productivity and profitability.

Productivity map after
Productivity map before change detection
Productivity map

Flexibility for the customization of zoning settings

Benefit from the flexible zoning algorithm, allowing you to select a number of grades to see the vegetation variations, from rough 2-zoned view to a subtle 7-zoned one.

Fertilizer application mapping

Fertilizer application mapping

Use zoning to determine the precise fertilizer distribution pattern across the field. Reduce the risk of wasting fertilizer to a minimum and discover the benefits of profitable precision agriculture!

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Optimal sowing zone identification

Adjust seedlings distribution according to individual needs of every identified zone. Use only the required amount of seedlings, save money and increase crop yields as a result.

Data support for top agricultural machinery manufacturer terminals

Don’t waste time on calculating the required fertilizer amount for individual areas of the field. Let Crop Monitoring zoning technology do the job for you! Connect the data source to your terminal so the precision system could guide the machine.

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We believe that automated agriculture is the future. All kinds of software, digital platforms, applications will collect the field data. The programs will be doing all the work for the people. Apps will analyze the data and engage in the decision-making process. We are already building a system like that.
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