Local and regional planners

Local and regional planning is a vital function of local government and plays a central role
in making life comfortable and convenient for local residents. Planning must therefore take account of all aspects of the siting of new facilities in relation to existing infrastructure

Case Studies

The studies below showcase the results obtained with the help of EOS technologies. Review them to find the solution for your needs. Request a demo to see how it works. If you can’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll assist you!

Global level of urbanization

For global analytics of urbanized zones, EOS technologies can be used to track changes in the level of urbanization of specific towns and of regions as a whole. This helps when analysing the level of development of countries and regions, and when selecting locations for new production facilities.

Ground movements

Radar images can be analysed to plot interferograms of ground movements for identifying potential risk zones when building new facilities. They can also contribute to efficient management of ground waters and monitoring of global trends within a region.

Relief mapping

For developing countries and countries affected by combat operations it is extremely important to obtain accurate data as a basis for mapping localities and updating existing maps for future use by the emergency response services, the military and the civilian population. EOS technologies can provide information on the structure of a roadbed in automatic mode and use it for mapping operations.

Monitoring dumps and industrial zones

Municipal governments must comply with all the rules and regulations on the siting of rubbish dumps and industrial facilities beyond town limits. Automatic classification of objects on the basis of neural nets can be used to automatically identify the locations of dumps and industrial structures, enabling various organizations (services) to monitor their status.

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