Medium Resolution Images

At EOS, we know that medium resolution images are ideal for covering large areas such as countries, continents or even the entire globe! While there is no text-book definition of “medium-resolution” satellite imagery, this typically means resolution less than 1m, offering many options of use.

Medium resolution photos were originally provided on a scene basis, however newer medium resolution satellites such as SPOT 6/7 and RapidEye now support custom Areas of Interest with per km2 pricing.

With the exception of WorldView-2 and WorldView-3, medium resolution satellites usually provide extra multi-spectral bands, which make them ideal for image analysis and classification. The large collection swath widths enable them to collect larger areas in a short amount of time, offering a better temporal selection.

Click on any of the medium definition satellite images to view their galleries in full resolution.

  • Hurricane Florence Satellite Image
    33.75175°N 80.39795°W
  • Satellite Image of Southeast Asia
    12.15010°N 102.53883°E
    Sentinel 2
  • Satellite Image of Michigan, USA
    45.42930°N 84.87213°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Western U.S. Satellite Image
    38.50922°N 75.14065°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Canadian Wildfires Satellite Image
    59.78751°N 128.27774°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Southeast U.S. Satellite Image
    38.50653°N 75.08881°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Satellite Image of South Africa
    33.93254°S 18.47214°E
    Sentinel 2
  • Satellite Image of Mississippi River
    31.38588°N 91.47079°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Satellite Image of Manhattan, New York, USA
    40.75038°N 73.98159°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Satellite Image of Lake Winnebago, USA
    44.02343°N 88.42346°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Satellite Image of Lake Ontario
    43.50274°N 77.73926°W
    Sentinel 2
  • Cloud Over India Satellite Image
    18.40535°N 78.79944°E
    Landsat 8
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