Team Accounts are accounts that can be shared among multiple users to provide everyone with the same source of information about the same fields or groups of fields, ensuring a more efficient cooperation between various users and a better control of employees by the farm owners.

Delegating, completing, and reporting scout tasks is considerably faster and easier when a Team Account is used. Every team member gets 24/7 access to the satellite monitoring of fields and can react to crop issues according to the permissions defined by the role that the Team Owner has assigned to them.

A problem with the crops can be noticed by any team member who can then create a scout task and either complete it themselves or assign a team member who is available at the moment. When the check-up is completed and the online report is generated in the scout task, the field owner will be able to access it any time via the Team Account.

Who else can benefit from using the Team Management feature?

For the agro-cooperative members:

  • Strong partnerships between cooperative members and farmers
  • Transparency and trust in working with data
  • Improved communication between scouts and field owners

For agro-consultants:

  • Increased customer loyalty thanks to providing them with full information about the state of their fields and about your activities
  • Providing clients with the opportunity to visually assess the effectiveness of your activities in their fields

For agro-traders:

  • Providing customers with data based on which you determine the range and volume of products offered

For insurance companies:

  • Sharing the data based on which you made the decision on the insured event with the clients
  • Showing the client based on which exact data you have estimated the damage
  • Easily sharing data on climate patterns and risks in their region with the clients

How to add a user to the team

To increase the efficiency of tending to the crops growing on all of your fields on a regular basis, you need a larger team under your full remote control. By adding new users to your Team Account, you can build a team of employees that will help you cut costs on unnecessary field activities and reduce time waste.

You can add a new user to the team in three simple steps.

Step 1. Click on the name of your account in the bottom right corner of the side menu.

Step 2. Select “Team Management” from the drop-down menu.

Team Management in the drop-down menu

Step 3. Once in the Team Management dashboard, click on + Invite New User.

If this is the first time you’ve opened the Team Management dashboard, you can also click on the button “INVITE A TEAM MEMBER” located in the center of the screen.

invite new user or new team member

Step 4. In the Invitation window, enter the email address of the user(s) you want to invite, select the fields or field groups that will be available to this user*, and assign the role. Then click Invite.

*A user can have access to only one field, several fields, one or more groups of fields, or all fields at once.

fill Invitation window fields

Note: Under the name of the role you’ll see the list of user access permissions the role entails.

The user who is being invited will receive an email with the invitation and the link to the Team Account*.

*The same user can be a member of multiple teams.

email with the invitation and the link to the Team Account

Team Management Roles

The practice of assigning roles with clearly defined accountability and access limitations is very important when it comes to team management. It means less worrying about what your employees might accidentally do to your crops or fields or even just messing up something in your EOSDA Crop Monitoring account.

This is why, currently, every Team Account Owner on EOSDA Crop Monitoring can assign one of the three roles to each team member: Admin, Scout, Observer.

Let’s see how these roles differ from one another in terms of accountability and access limitations.


The Admin user has permissions to:

  • add fields to the Team Account
  • edit all fields in the Team Account
  • create field groups
  • create scout tasks
  • assign team members to the scout tasks
  • edit current scout tasks
  • close scout tasks
  • create scout reports
  • add new team members


The Scout has permission to:

  • add fields to the team account
  • view fields and field groups
  • create scout tasks
  • assign team members to the scout tasks
  • complete the scout tasks


The Observer has permissions to:

  • view fields and field groups
  • create scout tasks
  • complete the scout tasks*

*The observer can only complete those tasks that have been assigned to him or her.

team roles description

How to use the Team Management dashboard

If you have a EOSDA Crop Monitoring account, you are automatically an Owner of a Team Account. Owners and Admins can view all the relevant information about their teams on the Team Management dashboard.

The Team Management dashboard displays:

  • the list of all the team members + users who have been invited to the team but haven’t accepted the invitation yet (members)
  • the role of each team member (roles)
  • the fields and/or groups of fields available to each team member (name of field or group)
  • the time and date of the user’s latest activity in the Team Account (last active)*
  • the actions that the team owner or admin can perform with respect to each user (actions)

*The “last active” information provides the Owners and Admins with more control over each team member.

last active information


The Team Owner or Admin can edit the user’s access to the fields and/or reassign their role.

team owner or admin actions

Team Owners and Admins can also delete/remove users from the Team.

If the user has not accepted/confirmed the invitation, the Owner or Admin will see the “resend invitation” action that needs to be performed for this user.

resend invitation action

Edit Team name

If you are the Team Owner or Admin, you can edit the name of the Team Account by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name.

Tip: Keep the name of the team short and simple so it can be more easily recognized by the team members when switching between multiple teams.

how to edit team name active team name field

Switch Team

If you are a member of more than one team, you can easily switch between the teams. All you need to do is to click on the My Account icon and select “Switch team”.

how to switch between teams

You will see the list of your teams. Click on the one you want to switch to and then click SAVE.

If you are a member of multiple teams, the system will automatically show you:

  • which team you are in at the moment (current)
  • which team you have set as the default team (default)

In the list of your teams, you can also see the roles you have been assigned in each Team Account.

Default Team

While switching teams, you can also set one team as the default. Whenever you log into EOSDA Crop Monitoring, you’ll see the fields available to you in the default Team Account.

To set the team as default, use the toggle switch in the “switch team” menu.

how to set a default team