Data Manager is your opportunity to upload data on harvesting, fertilization, spraying, planting, and any other activity from your vehicle to EOSDA Crop Monitoring. To do this, you have to save this data as a standard shapefile first. Depending on the settings of the on-board computer of your vehicle, you can visualize the uploaded data in the form of maps that display yield, moisture, sowing density and other technological parameters that were recorded by your equipment while working in the field.

Visualization of this data helps you control the quality of field activities completion: the application rate of different crop products, seed rate, tracking the amount of the harvested crop and its moisture, and much more.


The Data Manager is located in a separate tab on the sidebar menu.
where is data manager on the menu

Uploading Datasets

The data you want to upload should be saved as a ZIP archive. The archive should contain data in the SHP format. Use the full dataset of the format (* SHP, * SHX, * DBF, * PRJ).

Note: The absence of a * PRJ file is acceptable.

There are three ways you can upload data to Data Manager:

1. Drag and drop the file with data to the Data field

2. Drag and drop the file with data to the viewer

3. Click on Add Dataset and select the file on your computer
how to add dataset

Dataset Processing

Processing data will take some time before it’s fully uploaded. In the meantime, you can continue working with other features of EOSDA Crop Monitoring.
dataset is processing
Once the data is successfully processed, a green notification will pop up.
successfully processed dataset notification
To continue working with the uploaded data, click on the name of the processed ZIP archive in the Data field of the Data Manager.
how to open the uploaded dataset

Assigning Data to the Field

There are two scenarios of assigning data to the field, depending on whether the uploaded data matches any field you already have in the system. If the uploaded data doesn’t match the contour of any field, a “Create and Assign Field” form will pop up, offering you to create a new field.

Note: The field you created, will automatically appear in the system.
how to create and assign field
1. Name the field

2. Select the type of activity

3. Select the start date of the activity

4. Leave a short description if necessary

5. Select all the necessary parameters on the map (from those that were set up in the on-board computer of your equipment)

Note: You can always edit this information later.

If the uploaded data matches the contour of one or several fields, an “Add Activity” window will pop up.
how to add activity
1. Select activity

2. Select parameters (from those that were set up in the on-board computer of your equipment)

3. Leave a description if necessary

4. Select one or several fields that match the uploaded data (check the Overlay value)

5. Select the start date of the activity

6. Click on Assign Field

Data Visualization

The activities you have assigned to the field will be displayed in the Data field. To see the visualised data on the completed activity, click on the date of its completion.
how to view data
To switch between several parameters (types of data), click on the necessary parameter in the legend.
how to select necessary parameter
which value corresponds to which color
Note: Parameters and their numeric values are uploaded from the data file and cannot be changed. You can only switch between parameters to compare them with each other, or choose only the one parameter you need.