Tools For Working With Fields And Tasks

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To use Crop Monitoring effectively, you need to know more about its interface tools:

  • filters
  • sorting
  • search

These three simple tools will save you a lot of time.


Filters are customizable search criteria. Your fields or scouting tasks (switch to Scouting tab) can be easily filtered by crop names and group names. Simply check/uncheck the appropriate checkbox and click APPLY.

how to find filter icon


In order to sort your fields or scouting tasks (switch to Scouting tab), use the sorting option on the right. Currently, the following sorting orders are available: Newest, Oldest, by field name: ascending/descending, or field area: Low to High/High to Low.

how to find sorting icon


Not to waste your time by scrolling through the list of existing fields or tasks (switch to Scouting tab), you can simply find a specific one using the Field search option by entering the field’s name into it.

how to find fields in the list

Field Card

Field card is a profile of a particular field, showcasing the most basic data:

– field name

– square (measured in ha)

– group (displayed if the field has been added to a group)

– crop (currently growing crop on this field)

– location (district and country)

field card in the field list