Field leaderboard has been designed to help users prioritize their field management tasks according to the NDVI value change. Leaderboard also arranges all of your fields in one place according to 1 of 8 different categories:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Area
  • Group
  • Crop
  • Index value
  • Value change
  • Image date

Each arrangement appears as a list of fields sorted and ranked accordingly and can be exported as a PDF file and/or .xls spreadsheet.

data to download from leaderboard


By default, the leaderboard shows your fields arranged according to the latest available image and the most negative NDVI value change.

Note: the field with the latest available image may have less of a NDVI value drop compared to another field with an older available image. This allows you to focus on the most urgent issues first.

value change numbers


Every time there are new satellite images of one, several, or all of your fields, Leaderboard gets updated. You will automatically get notified about each update via email.

The notification email will contain the following data:

  • current index value for the field
  • value change compared to the previous image
  • field name (the one you have assigned to it)
  • field location
  • new image date
  • previous image date

Every notification email may contain the data for up to 3 of the fields that are currently at the top of the leaderboard.

notification email about most recent NDVI value changes


You can rearrange the leaderboard to show your fields ranked only according to the NDVI value change. The field with the largest NDVI value drop automatically moves up to the top of the leaderboard. On the contrary, the field with the largest NDVI value rise gets sorted to the bottom of the list.

value change parameter displayed


To rearrange the leaderboard, click on the appropriate sorting parameter above the leaderboard.

The parameter should light up.

Note: you can always tell which category arrangement is currently on the leaderboard by checking the parameter. Only one parameter can light up at a time.

value change on parameters line

Color Code

NDVI value drop is marked by the red color and a minus “-” symbol, while the rising NDVI value appears green, with a “+” sign. If there has been no change over the period in question, NDVI value appears white.

value change colors in leaderboard


You can sort fields according to the group. To view all fields at once, select All groups.

choosing all field groups for display

To view fields that do not belong to any group, tick the appropriate checkbox.

choosing fields without group for display

Another option is to view only the fields that belong to a specific group.

choosing field group for display


You can also arrange fields according to their currently growing crop type.

list of crops in leaderboard

To view the fields with a common growing crop, click on the appropriate checkbox.

Note: Fields without added crop rotation data cannot be arranged according to crop type.

choosing fields with winter wheat


You can rearrange the fields on the leaderboard in 9 different lists and download them as PDF file and/or xls. spreadsheet.

The download begins automatically as soon as you click on the PDF or XLS button.

download buttons in leaderboard

Select Date

You can select a date to view the NDVI change for the period between two available images of the same field (3-5 days).

1. Find the Report date field right above the leaderboard.

date selection in leaderboard

2. Click anywhere on the Report date field

calendar location in leaderboard

3. Select the date in the pop-up calendar in 1 click

The leaderboard will automatically refresh to show you the data for the period between two images closely preceding the selected date.

Free Account

To access the Field leaderboard, you need to update your pricing plan to Essential or Professional.

plan upgrade message in leaderboard

You can try out the Field leaderboard feature on your Demo field in the Free Account.

Note: Only the Demo field data will be accessible.

demo fields in free account leaderboard


Additionally, you can sort fields within the leaderboard based on 7 different attributes:

  • Name (in the alphabetical order)
  • Location (in the alphabetical order)
  • Area (least to greatest and vice versa)
  • Group (1 group/some groups/all groups/without group)
  • Index value (least to greatest and vice versa)
  • Value change (difference between two images)
  • Image date (oldest to newest and vice versa)

You can create 7 different leaderboards with fields arranged differently and download each leaderboard as either a PDF file or xls. spreadsheet.

sorting and arrangement options in leaderboard