To get access to the paid features of EOS Crop Monitoring, upgrade your plan to Essential or Professional. You can learn more about the specific functionality available within each subscription plan on our Pricing page.

To view the Pricing page, click or tap on the arrow button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

upgrade arrow button


If you’re using the Essential plan, you can monitor up to 1000 ha.

For the Professional plan, you are free to choose how many hectares you would like to monitor and you can always add more hectares for an additional price.

We also offer a more personal approach with the Enterprise plan containing custom solutions and tailored prices for farms of over 5000 ha, agricultural cooperatives, advisors, IT companies, and other customers.


To explore more solutions, refer to our add-ons store. You can access it by clicking or tapping the appropriate icon on the right side menu.

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Another way to access the add-ons store is directly from the Pricing page.

Team Management

Team Management feature is the opportunity of joint access to your account for effective cooperation and farm management, which will enable an easy and convenient sharing of only the necessary information with your consultants, traders, insurance agents, and scouts. What does team management mean for different players of the agro-market?

For the agro-cooperative members:

  • Strong partnerships between cooperative members and farmers
  • Transparency and trust in working with data
  • Improved communication between scouts and field owners

For agro-consultants:

  • Increased customer loyalty thanks to providing them with full information about the state of their fields and about your activities
  • Providing clients with the opportunity to visually assess the effectiveness of your activities in their fields

For agro-traders:

  • Providing customers with data based on which you determine the range and volume of products offered

For insurance companies:

  • Sharing the data based on which you made the decision on the insured event with the clients
  • Showing the client based on which exact data you have estimated the damage
  • Easily sharing data on climate patterns and risks in their region with the clients

For data protection purposes, you personally will regulate the rights of each user you invite to the team. This can be done by assigning participants to one of the following roles: Admin, Scout, Observer. Each role implies a certain list of rights that will be available to the invited team member while working with the account.

To add a member, expand the My Account menu in the lower right corner and select Team Management.

team management feature location

Click Invite New User.

user invitation button

In the Invitation window, enter the email address of the user(s) you want to invite, select the fields or field groups that will be available to this user, and define the user’s role. Click Invite.

invitation to join the team

Note: Under the name of the role there is a list of rights available to the user with this role.

The invited member will receive an email notification with a link to the account and should either approve or reject it. The invitation acceptance status is displayed next to the invited team member. If you are awaiting confirmation for too long, you can resend the invitation.

actions to manage users

You can also view team members that have already been added to the account, edit their rights (by assigning a different role), remove or add fields available to them, and delete any team member.

Note: Team members receive email notifications when a new field has been assigned to them, their role in the team has been changed, or a scouting task has been updated.

You can also switch between teams if you have more than one. To do this, in the My Account menu, click Select an Account.

switching to another team

Choose the team.

selecting the needed team